Nokia will make a major announcement in Delhi on May 9

30 April, 2013
The event in India precedes Nokia's scheduled Lumia announcement in London by five days.

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  • tapan

pls lunch ur symbian mobiles again its the alternative of apple

  • ticktok

today 9th soon !!!! 7am in Deli

>Nokia is going to dump Microsoft for Android!!!

No deal.
Nokia wanted to own the app store, Android wouldn't allow it so google could take in 10% cut from developers in all app sales.

  • kam

Nokia lunch 5" screen 41pm cam symbian anna only

  • kumar

Nokia please lunch 5" screen 41mp camera 2gb ram 2gz prosessor with symbian anna (thies is next nokia top and top model )

  • Anonymous

Why dont they launch belle devices

  • Ishan

Missing new symbian OS phones ,hope nokia will again launch some of symbian phone and croud again will go crazy with that.....

Its an Asha phone.Thats it.And stop fighting for May 9 is not far away only 6 days is left.......But it will be an Asha,has been confirmed...but it'll be like beautiful N9.............

  • RoHaN

NOKIA will have to launch Dual Sim & 41 mp Pureview in Lumia Phones...

  • human

It would be a numberic keypad phone with 5mp camera or a touch set maybe asha 307 or another qwerty keypad phone. It woun't be a lumia for sure because they are going to introduce a new lumia in london.

  • Human

mimic, 02 May 2013nokia? nobody cares Nobody cares! This post has already got 180 comments and still nobody cares?

  • Android?!

Nokia starting to make Android phones?

  • ji

again launch same as nokia 3310...hahah

  • Pravin

Looks like a new smartphone for ladies.

Anonymous, 01 May 2013That's what I was thinking. Ashas in India and Lumias in London.there quite good lumia sales in india too the fact is ppl in U.S take phones on contract where ppl in india have to buy phones as they are free to use any service provider with any phones for ur kind information the price of an s4 in india is 820 us dollars around 41000rs

  • shail4444

it is for the first time dual sim lumia range they are going to introduce.

Maggi, 01 May 2013I guess Nokia 501. Or had read they are gonna change the name to... moreha ha ha omena means apple in finnish language.

ashuishere, 02 May 2013that sounds cool,and may be practically down to N9... moreOh that would be great. Just imagine.

[deleted post]that sounds cool,and may be practically down to N9,even if nokia do not admit it officially.i bet they would definitely pick back jolla sailfish along with wp after their 5 year deal with ms is over.

  • bikelover1352

Nokia is going to dump Microsoft for Android!!!