HTC M4 surfaces, looks like a mid-range variant of the HTC One

01 May, 2013
The M4 has a similar design to the HTC One but reportedly has less capable chipset and a 720p display.

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Aw. HTC M4 looks really sexy. I'd probably choose it over an S4 mini. I mean, come on! Look at that amazing body! And 2 gigs of ram!

I wish I could have one. But I just bought an S3 Mini. So I'm pretty depressed on my decision to buy a new phone early.

  • Anonymous

I think HTC should include the SD slot, and a SIM slot better than the HTC One (horrible copy of Apple) but similar to the HTC One for the Chinese market, the removable battery and a camera of at least 8 Mpx, only then would the best smartphone on the market!

I really like the design of the HTC One, in my personal opinion that is the best looking phone currently on the market, however, the size of the HTC One is its most let down characteristic. It is just too big for my taste...
If this HTC M4 comes to be true and if the price is right for a mid range phone then this will be my next purchase.

  • htc fan

rumors r that it will be launched by the month of june any idea guys?

  • TenKenZ

Anonymous, 08 May 2013Of what use is the premium price of the beautiful body? I'm goin... moreNot everyone covers it up though. And it's still nice to know what if you did drop it harshly enough that the cover didn't suffice, that underneath is a nice strong phone don't you think?

  • Anonymous

Of what use is the premium price of the beautiful body? I'm going to cover it up with a custom embroidered leather cover anyway. The phenomenal UMI X2 is almost here. Watch the youtube video as they do destructive testing on the X2.

  • Adarsh

What is price

  • Azad

How much it is? I think it is real smartphone.

  • keke

This is not a flagship but mid range. M7 is quite expensive but it will its price will decrease at the opportune time.. cease to criticize anything everything has it's own group of people.. M4 will be very very cheap... M7 is for people like us. Lol. HTC for life no matter what..

  • Janet

Wud hav a good mid range if memory was more or expandable and had a better battery

  • Maggy

does this phone have enough memory to accommodate entire playstore at present.if so how much free space wil be there after that.just suppose.

  • Goby

Rasta from Jamaica, 01 May 2013Nice Phone good job HTC the only problem hope it aint a 1700 bat... moreAnd low memory too.

  • Dora

vedha007, 01 May 2013If they don't provide more battery and a micro sd slot, they wil... moreDefenitely. as nokia s no to android. htc says no to high memory and sd slot.all htc midrange lacks front cam, compass and also has low memory.

  • Amir

zzzz..., 02 May 2013it will sell like hotcakes in india if it Is priced right (aroun... moreWith this low memory it cannot. 2 gb ram is not needed for this phone as u cannot install much apps, games and store media files.

  • Pagy

Main cons- very low memory and battery.this phone has only good looks.

  • Anonymous

zzzz..., 02 May 2013it will sell like hotcakes in india if it Is priced right (aroun... moreone x plus is better than this with 64gb storage. irrespective of the price.

Anonymous, 02 May 2013the one x came with a 1800 mah battery and probably averages out... moreThe Htc One x has a bad battery life

  • anni

Cruskal, 01 May 2013Do you really think that way?? HTC on Samsung Path?? ...:D Y... moreHTC one , dude this is really a meaning full words , m4 really well down this time. I can't buy one because of price, but I'll Go for m 4 for shore

  • zzzz...

it will sell like hotcakes in india if it Is priced right (around 20-25 thousand inr ) a good contender for sony xperia sp :)

  • Jt

Faisal Hyder, 01 May 2013Finally htc listened to GSMA's Petition. ! I'll try to make it m... moreno they had not.this release is as usual.with low storage.