New photos of 'thinnest ever' Huawei P6-U06 smartphone leak

07 May, 2013
The unannounced Android-powered smartphone measures just 6.18mm thick and weighs 120g.

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  • robo

some times p6 get strucks after that you have connect the usb cable to restart other wise it is not working it seems like battery tead.

  • Fashion

In old days, fashion means that you do something beautiful and that if people copy you, you feel flattered. Since when copying the looks become a problem. People these days are just no fun.

  • huawei

can add a bettery case to this phone ? Yes ?

  • Devin

YuYu Alsalmi, 07 May 2013At 6.1mm i guess the battery would be less than 1500mAh so it'll... moreDon't worry about the battery,you will know.

  • prince

samsung is a thief. it steal technology from apple and sell it at cheaper rates. Nobody wants stolen phone ?????????

  • Anonymous

It look s like iPhone 5 :D

  • wasu

Anonymous u r wrong mate no one can take down sumsung.

sumsung is ruling in the world now so stop thinking that mate

  • Anonymous

:))) Come on... So what if the S4 looks like the S3? So do all Apple phones, but they keep selling... :)

  • Denby

Doing it Huawei..
Huawei wouldnt ya buy it? ;)

  • Anonymous

Janika, 08 May 2013Hmm, I've had two Huawei phones in the last 6 months and never h... moreI think Huawei will overtake Samsung in 2-3 years time if Samsung keep doing the same uninspiring thing (like S3 to S4) , people , as human, will get bored after using them for a few years

  • Anonymous

this looks beautiful! People who defend S4 look like S3 that "how different do you expect a phone" should wake up. there is definitely space for new design

I remember having an 11 mm phone and it was COMFORTABLE in hand and in pocket. So not that much gained by this reduction.

  • battery thickness?

i would rather choose 10mm thickness with 3500 and above than this 6mm with small battery.

always bringing CHARGER together with your 6mm phone is way heavier and thicker.

does someone agree to me ?

its just gimmick to be so thin to have a record of world thinnest smartphone, that will sounds new to many and encourage them to buy it.

by the way, its just an opinion .

  • Mark

Another gimmick. People want bigger batteries, not a thinner phone. I'd never buy 6 mm phone over a 9 mm one just because of the thickness.

  • AdamBoy64

adi, 07 May 2013even 1cm thick phone is OK and even more comfortable to hold (er... moreYes. I think battery life is so much more important than device thickness.

  • Janika

Hmm, I've had two Huawei phones in the last 6 months and never had an issue with either one. This one is a sexy mofo, although I favor the new HTC One for king of looks and performance.

Ps: Love my Nexus4 too ;)

  • iFhongPorS

Mr. Developer, 07 May 2013Better than iphoneYo! iPhone is legend. Huawei is Chinese phone.

  • iFhongPorS

adi, 07 May 2013even 1cm thick phone is OK and even more comfortable to hold (er... moreYes I agree with you and with that 1cm phone, you can stick that on your face. Anyone agrees with me?

  • razrmonk

wow! amazing indeed! thinner than my razr but how about the sw and hw quality? hhhmmmm...

adi, 07 May 2013even 1cm thick phone is OK and even more comfortable to hold (er... moreNO

and i'll tell you just sucks... 4.7 inch screen and 6 mm thicknes is like holding a plate in your hand...ergonomic or not it's really not a good idea...for one pickpockets will have a BOOM in their is an example... Pickpocket 1 - " MAAAN look at that guys wallet it's almost bursting...i'm going for it." Pickpocket 2 - " Noo MAAAAAN check it out...He has one of those Plate Phones that sell for over 500 euros...Let's go for that MAAAAAN cause it's a safe bet" The End ;)