BlackBerry OS 10.1 update seeding now

07 May, 2013
BlackBerry OS 10.1 update is now rolling out to the BlackBerry Z10 smartphones worldwide.

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  • charles

No update yet in nigeria

  • ripsta

where's the official 10.1 os for stl100-1? i cant find it... i'm from the philippines by the way... anybody in globe knows about it? tnx...

  • Anonymous

not yet in thailand....

  • zion

Is this the update in question Because that is what i currently have in my phone.

  • Amr

Well, we've been told that the update will be available here in a few days. At the same time, we've also heard that it's already arrived.
No update yet here in Bahrain.

  • omarico

not yet available the 10.1 in dubai

  • MKH1990

Nothing yet in nigeria not even the 10.0.10 according to our network provider (MTN) will be getting it next week so fingers crossed

I'm from The Philippines. No update yet from my carrier.

  • Jieben

I'm from Philippines. No updates yet from smart and globe users..

falasca, 08 May 2013i am in indonesia and i get updateThis is frustrating. Mine is stl100-1, what's yours? And how you get update, ota or bb link?

  • PC

andre, 08 May 2013I must say, blackberry is rly annoying. Imagine how this so ca... moreIt's not up to BlackBerry. It is controlled by the carrier.

  • andre

I must say, blackberry is rly annoying.
Imagine how this so called 10.1 wants to be fully circulated in weeks. Why don't they circulate it once and for all.

  • xM

64w15, 08 May 2013It is already available in Lithuania today.May I know your carrier?

  • Yogi

nathan, 07 May 2013Hi I'm from India too in delhi.. i haven't got any update for th... moreNo update in jaipur, India

Hi Guys When we get update in India ? any idea

  • JON

Maybe is truth, the beta OS 10.1 is 1.36GB

  • a canadian

Okay, so rim is Canadian, but no update available??? Why does Canada not have the update first?

  • Anonymous

How do you update? Using Blackberry Link or Over the air?

yk02, 08 May 2013No update in indonesia right now :(i am in indonesia and i get update

yea a hardware that the US DoD approved.