The Asha 501 may be what Nokia will unveil tomorrow

08 May, 2013
A full touch Asha device with just one physical button under the screen might signal a redesigned S40 UI.

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  • Chidoc

[deleted post]Don't care abt iphone or Samsung but....really????

adit38, 09 May 2013leaked spec so far - 1 ghz proc - 512 ram - 5mp cam - multit... moredid you say multitasking... the real multitasking??? and not the other shit found in other asha's?

so far the only java os that ran true multitasking (smartphone type) was sony ericsson's. which the idiots shut down for android centered approach much to the relief of asha's and samsungs..

im interestd in this phone now

Can't wait..

  • Anonymous

Slowly and step by step, Nokia, like Sony making great comebacks.

Asha should get into WP7 platform
it will kill droid army in India for sure

  • King's

Anonymous, 08 May 2013Very,,,very,,,very,,,ugly,,,,, Are you describing yourself or y... moreI'm nokia's fans,,,Today,,,I use 2 type of Nokia,,,C7 n other,,, I feel C7 just small compared to the other brand,,,,even its come with 3,7" screen,,,4" is moderate,,,comfort,,,I hope nokia can accomodate our complaint,,,3,5 is just too small,,,and over than 4" is too big,,n "big sreen phone are stupid", Niklas Savander, executive vice-president of Nokia said,,,*sorry 4 my language,,,Ihope U can understand,,,, Piss,,,

  • Hukka

Deliver a phone with fluidity of a Windows Phone, Customization ability and openness of an Android Phone, App quality of an iPhone

I hope that they will also upload the event on youtube so we can watch it. :D

2 and half more hours to go.

new pictures revealed, it has removable bumper cover just like lumia 820!

  • King's

NokiaWPPureView, 08 May 2013How can you possibly say that when you even hadn't saw the whole... moreOk,,,!!!let we see,,, :)

  • Wish

adit38, 09 May 2013leaked spec so far - 1 ghz proc - 512 ram - 5mp cam - multit... moreYou are dreaming S60 Belle FP2 not S40 phone mate.
S40 has limitations.

some new os maybe jola or geek

  • mubashara

its look like is a square phone it??

  • piyush singh

it will be great...if around 5000

  • Tagz

Wow!!! nice to see two more colours (Black n White). The previous leaks did not have them.
Hoping against hope that Nokia will give more than one colour panels in the box..... fingers crossed...

  • adit38

leaked spec so far
- 1 ghz proc
- 512 ram
- 5mp cam
- multitasking
- microsd slot
- 3,5 inch amoled screen, hvga
- 3G

what still mistery
- gps?
- camera AF or EDOF?
- completed swipe UI

I will buy this if there is touch & type version of 501 with QWERTY and dual sim (3G+2G)

Silverman42, 08 May 2013Back here in Nigeria, Nokia are really losing ground to a chine... morethats the reason why i hate android ,everyone can have one :|

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]that's on your on point of view..Windows phone suck..already used a lumia phone but the interface and applications has no future at all.

  • hmmmmmmmmmmmm

Looks like 620 although S40 the last one was 311 no?, Curious least it's not windows yuk!!! waits for specs.