Samsung Galaxy S4 mini appears on the Samsung Apps website

26 May, 2013
The S4 mini looks almost identical to the bigger S4 and carries the model number GT-I9195.

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  • Amandeep singh

when is it going to be released in India !!!!!!!

  • Spark27

I'll hope with FM radio RDS in it.
if so, i'll wait for the S4 mini
Because of that no regular S4 for me.


Nice, his must be better than Galaxy S III Mini.

There's No Galaxy S4 Mini When I Checked it.!
Are Samsung Already Deleted it From List .?

Anonymous, 27 May 2013That's samsung! Very good marketing, cheap looking design. No de... moreDo you say the same to Apple and Nokia as well? Everyone has their own signature style that they follow. There's absolutely nothing wrong with maintaining that familiar look. Ever seen a BMW without those iconic dual front intakes? That's their style.

Speaking of plastic phone, everyone has their own choice. I am totally fine with any material as far as the hardware and OS fits me well. You may be different and again, that's totally fine.

Mus, 26 May 2013oh god ,not the same ugly design !!!It doesnt matter if this phone has same design as that of S4. Ultimately one person gets one mobile phone only. Its not like I have 20 mobiles of same design.

  • Anonymous

That's samsung! Very good marketing, cheap looking design. No design improval from tear to year. Hope their reign will end soon.

  • Jack

If it had a 720p 4.3" display and 8mm thick with a decent quad core processor. 13mpx camera would be great as well. This would have been a killer phone.

  • ralphE

I hope its features are still the same with the bigger one... And if its called "mini" maybe its price will be half of it..... Cant wait to buy one.

Next in line Galaxy S4 Duos?????

  • davood ghassab

Can't wait. I'd love to buy this phone. Strong enough and good price

Waiting for the review. If it's good this is my next phone. Dual cores with 2100 mah battery is very decent enough, I don't need quad cores for my phone.

  • ARengChah

Hope it will launch by the end of the year cuz that is when I have a lot of money. if it do, i'll buy

  • Anonymous

what's new? launching every week a phone. launching same smart phonte with different name :P

oh god ,not the same ugly design !!!

  • Anonymous

Another samey Sammy

samsung rules the world!

  • happy

I waited dis mobile....

  • noobuser

Cant wait