Rumor: the screen of next iPhone will have twice as many pixels

28 May, 2013
That would mean a resolution of about 905 x 1606, which would result in a total of 1.5M surface pixels.

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Anonymous, 28 May 2013So they refuse to make the screen bigger, the work around would ... moreThat was funny lol

  • Anonymous

they better make major changes to survive android .

Tom-Helge, 28 May 2013Why not just use a 1080p screen? Why make things so complicated?Backwards compatibility with iPhone 4(s) and 5 apps.

Ubuntu Takeover, 28 May 2013Is this really necessary?No. But it is possible that even Apple is feeling the pressures of the spec game.

  • helvetios

I think that all apple needs right now is to increase the screen size and make a revamped ui for the next iPhone

Professor Frink, 28 May 2013All Apple has to do for the 5s is simple really, Expand memory, ... moreAs most people have been saying the screen needs to be bigger not just more DPI and a few largely cosmetic changes. Extra storage that is extortionately priced won't sell any more. People are getting wise to their rip off scams.

  • Professor Frink

All Apple has to do for the 5s is simple really, Expand memory, Expand storage, Better camera, catch the camera software up much like Samsung and HTC have with Zoe. Use the new battery that South Koreans are currently devolping that are saying will produce 3x battery life. Go back to the 4s shell with the same screen, but thin up the bezel. Add a LED notification. This recipe churns out a 5s that would sell more even then the 5

Ubuntu Takeover, 28 May 2013Is this really necessary?It seems they have nothing better to offer than marginal changes to get die-hard fan-boys to keep upgrading at present. Your average iPhone user won't care.

  • Anonymous

If they don't come up with a 4.3 inch screen or more I'll not buy it.

  • Ubuntu Takeover

Is this really necessary?

Anonymous, 28 May 2013it is all so they can charge £599 for 16gb. a scam to char... moreAnd £699 for 32 GB when you can pick up a 16 GB SD card for about £15. No wonder they don't support SD cards.

  • Anonymous

it is all so they can charge £599 for 16gb. a scam to charge more

  • Anonymous

Htc one has got a 469 ppi, but does it matter ?So the article basically points out the incompetence of Apple. Even a year later than everybody else they cant come up with a proper full HD, is it ?

The exact DPI is irrelavant to a degree now. Unless Apple come down off their high and mighty cloud and give people the screen sizes they actually want, rather than what Apple tries to dictate to them they can look forward to losing more sales. Perhaps people would actually like a choice. Wow! Now that would be revolutionary for Apple. I know an Apple "Die-Hard" who is seriously thinking of ditching the iPhone for a Samsung Galaxy S4 just to get the bigger screen size. Even he admits as a self confessed fan-boy that the next iPhone needs to be something special. An iPhone 5S that is only marginally different to the 5 won't cut it any longer and I think even they realise now, that their court room antics don't do them any favours either.

  • Prashant

Anything above 440ppi will look the same.

  • apple fans

Apple needs to increase its screen size like 5.5 inch first as its screen its far too small for comfortable browsing

  • rinku.s

Abhimanyu, 28 May 2013I always had this doubt that why Apple wouldn't put up a proper ... moreI agree with you. apple should use a proper resolution such as 1280x780 or 1920x1080. even 1366x768 is fairly good(a laptop's resolution). hope they use 1600x900 but not (1606x905)

  • BFS

HTC One already has a 469ppi super LCD!!!

The next iPhone with 5 or 6" inch screen display will be so much perfect, no more irrelevant with today's standard screen display spec.

  • Denzo

Abhimanyu, 28 May 2013I always had this doubt that why Apple wouldn't put up a proper ... moreBecause when Apple had 960x640 Android had 800x480.. Ahead of its time.. now some Androids a little bit better PPI.. who cares.. just wait for Apple to change the game again.