Rumor: the screen of next iPhone will have twice as many pixels

28 May, 2013
That would mean a resolution of about 905 x 1606, which would result in a total of 1.5M surface pixels.

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Why not just use a 1080p screen?

Why make things so complicated?

  • heneral

itsme, 28 May 2013apple needs 5 more years to make a 5 inch iPhone, 0.2 inch incre... morelol!!!

  • Herzallah

double resolution, half battery.

No matter how many pixel they add it would mean nothing if they stay with 4" screen! Samsung will continue to dominate the market!

  • Anonymous

So they refuse to make the screen bigger, the work around would be to make the icons smaller?

Do we really need such high ppi?? Is beyond what human eyes can pick up....

  • utouh

check it out the source, in chinese, made in china...

lol will wait and see but 441ppi???
We been having it......!!

  • Anonymous

the current highest pixel density is 469 ppi. i doubt a higher number than that will be anything different than that, but we'll see

Who really needs more than 300ppi on a phone anyway? Unless you look at your phone by a microscope.

apple needs 5 more years to make a 5 inch iPhone, 0.2 inch increment per year! LOL...

Anonymous, 28 May 2013Apple playing catch up to Samsung and sammy is playing catch up to htc and xpz with the 1080p screen as well

what the big deal, HTC one had ~469 which is much more then the rumor pixels count.

  • emblema

My HTC One has 469 ppi

  • Dave

Probably go to 2.25x more pixels - i.e. every 2x2 turns into a 3x3 totalling 1704x960. That would be much more easily upscalable and would put them back on the cutting edge of PPI - something they need as going multicoloured pprobably isn't going to be enough

can somebody actually explain to me what the point of it is, i mean the human eye on 99% of the worlds population cannot distinguish anything above 300+ppi anyway, my galaxy s3 was very clear, and to be honest i do not notice much change on my s4, but there other factors which help make the screen appear more vivid anyway, and my s4 screen is 1 inch bigger then iPhone, so is this just not pointless overkill? OK they seem to want to compete for PPI, but quite frankly they should be focused more on actual R&D rather then this, start from the ground up in my view because everything needs a rework, from the OS to the software, to codec support to connectivity between devices, to design, the whole phone needs a nice new design and feel with support for its customers.

ridiculous by crapple. what's next?

  • Anonymous

for what?

  • Jam

Jeez, One more remote control getting ready :)

  • wardroid

hahaha! So funny...