HTC One to be available in Red and Blue versions

29 May, 2013
The HTC One will soon be available in Red and Blue color options along with the current Black and Silver versions.

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  • jacky

It is awesome mobile model my fav., color red., its very good faster and usage smoothly very nice., look like a grace

  • Niki


but my favorit mobile phone HTC.but Favorite Color is Goldin brown silver,No vith and black.

  • TQ

Chocolate Pie, 30 May 2013Are you considering that the S4 is faster and smoother than the ... moreFaster on paper, yes. Faster in use? You can't even notice any difference. Smoother.. HELL NO! The S4 lags due to the outdated touchwiz ui, the htc one is fluent, smooth, effortless and a joy to use. I own both devices and the HTC One is the better out of the two in my opinion

Are you considering that the S4 is faster and smoother than the HTC One?

  • Anonymous

we need microsd card slot n removeable battery :-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 May 2013Yes just like Samsung's crappy hyperglazeyou mean the hyperglaze that doesn't scratch unlike aluminium which is a soft and pliable metal, and paint on top will just come right off and make the handset look nasty

  • O:::::::O

pliz I' want it tu mine.

  • hashone

szymon247, 29 May 2013Looks like crap.just like your cheap,plasticity,stupid lagging exynos "whatsoever" "SOOOMSUUNG"

  • expert

i want you to mine!

Nijesh, 29 May 2013Its too pricey here in India and with 4 mp camera people will lo... moreBut the 4mp is not like other four mp camera u describe. Its perfect for daily usage , but not for extraordinary photos. still one is good except the price.

Anonymous, 29 May 2013i go for glow in the dark color...That's actually a good one. They should make them. they have cases, but it's not the same....and it's a simple paint job

  • Anonymous

i go for glow in the dark color...

  • Anonymous

Markus Leto, 29 May 2013Oh dear... Scratches!!Yes just like Samsung's crappy hyperglaze

  • yan

i think they look nice, but it is paint over aluminum... just like the iphone, it may scratch/chip and go away.

Depends if paint stays on.

Those colours don't look good on this Phone in my opinion. Silver or black is the way to go on a phone like this.

I'd go for Sunny Orange or Candy Green ;)

...and pink, brown, white

just like the Galaxy treatment.

Oh dear... Scratches!!

they should have launched it in glossy finish like the N8