It's official: HTC One is coming to Verizon this summer

03 June, 2013
The suspense is over, HTC One will be coming to Verizon Wireless after all.

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  • Anonymous

Rog, 03 Jun 2013Verizon needs which to wake up. I and I am sure there are others... moreThe HTC One has a better screen, better software, and better hardware than the G Pro so calm down the G Pro is a middle of the pack device while the HTC One screams high end you picked the wrong phone sir.

  • Anonymous

All verizon subscriber will switch to this phone day one

I told you all 2 months ago that Verizon will be getting the One mid summer. Now you have it officially. Happy? :)

  • Anonymous

Verizon ..... i expect 16gb HTC One from them LOL... and expect the customer to use their cloud services exclusively.

So Verizon will be selling this phone months after other carries... Stupid Verizon. I'm glad I'm not with them. You'd think that the decision makers at Verizon would apply a dose of common sense. They also seem to be in perpetual last position to update their phone software.

Verizon needs which to wake up. I and I am sure there are others, would go over to the biggest and the best, but they along with weird WCDMA technology, just don't get the latest and greatest. Like LG Optimus G Pro. OUTSTANDING in comparison to the offering by Samsung. G Pro's BIG Ole GORGEOUS 5.5 in screen( which Bowled me over, I bought it after looking long and HARD at the S4, and the Note II, as well as my Second pick.. The One) . Or as I have indicated HTC ONE. I mean it's 4.7 inches of 469 pixels/inch of AWESOMENESS. So happened I 1) Wear glasses, and 2) REALLY wanted a modern PHABLET so the G Pro sealed the deal.
Overall Verizon couldn't have chosen at this juncture a more worthy item, ( unless the have the G Pro. )

  • Anonymous

You mean high tech copiers will be on verizon so that HTC can sell a product other people Made for them? Color me impressed.

  • ichiru

Gelvin, 03 Jun 2013Good to hear that the ONE is finally getting back on track but p... moreThat's is a stupid ad in U.S. :)))))))

  • Anonymous

It's about to get real. But I still go with s4.


LMAO, but that would totally go against the Verizon standard of gloating about what they have. Remember the GSIII and the Note II fiasco and the home button branding? People were thoroughly annoyed.

Good to hear that the ONE is finally getting back on track but please please for god sake, DO NOT print that 'Verizon' logo on the front top of the screen. It looks super ugly as on Lumia 925 :-|