Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom pictured in an official photo

08 June, 2013
The Galaxy S4 Zoom will be able to make calls and features a 16MP camera with 10x optical zoom.

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  • bismillah muradi

Which is best phone for games and for every thing ... Samsung galaxy siii or galaxy s4 zoom ?

  • bismillah muradi

does the game play on this phone (galaxy s4 zoom) ?
Like temple run / subway surfers /etc....

  • Anonymous

Lmao! Such hate. jealous trolls never quit. Why don't you wait until the camera results before going on like some sort of know it all psychics spreading lies and hate?

  • yeah

Calli, 09 Jun 2013Its not a phone its a cameraactually, its both.

  • yeah

i dont mind carrying my actual dsl camera & thin phone rather than carrying this huge phone...

  • deepak davangere

Very very beautiful and very nice phone. i am waiting for this phone since from 5 years. i wil say thanks to samsung company. next model you have to release 20 mp camera with 30x optical in a smart phone

  • ramsathya

very nice

  • Apple Hater

no xenon flash

  • Anonymous

it has a 10x optical zoom
no wonder it wud luk fat and bulky

  • Anonymous

I am not going to buy this ugly thing

...any samdung fanboy will say this is innovation, and they will call the nokia 808 and eos a fat,

...maybe the eos has some design issues, but this has even worse...even my 808 looks sexier than this!

TheApprentice, 08 Jun 2013Samsung had one job to put a good camera on a phone and this the... more"And now Samsung fans wont mind the bulk and thickness, because it is made by their beloved company, they will call this innovation, they will say it is necessary. Now they will suddenly turn onto photography experts teaching us the sensor size n all, and when Nokia did an better job, all were like, it looks ugly, look at that large bump, this is a brick. Hypocrisy to its maximum."

LOL, this is the most funny comment that I ever saw but yet pointing out the fact. I think it is also applied to every other fanboy as well. And personally, I think this should be written in Wikipedia's "Fanboy" page. XD

  • Anonymous

If the quality is similar to the galaxy cam than it's crap - I think even the SGS4 is better. lol

But still the best is the 808 PureView - of course.
Let's wait for the EOS, but I think it won't beat the 808 - at least not clearly.

Marty H, 08 Jun 2013As I said, we asked for it, Samsung is delivering yet again. P... moreLOL how is EOS beaten? Too quick to judge or too early to receive payment? Lets see how will it stands a chance against 808PureView and Lumia 920,925,928. EOS is every far from competing with this device.

And then, the Sammy fanboys claimed PureView holding a 41MP sensor as bulky. While the EOS was bulky as well. Now LOL what is this? It clearly shows, Samsung can't compete with Nokia when it comes to cameraphones. Sammy fans argued that the lens of EOS can be fitted in a much slimmer body while here, they can't even fit it in a slimmer body.

EOS is pretty much better than this, both in design and I am quiet confident, in camera fight as well.

Samsung! Just stop trying to achieve a lead in every part. Camera part is something you can't steal from Nokia and Sony. Just stop trying -_-

  • Suvham

You guys know about the camera quality of Samsung Galaxy phones, they all suck and so does this! Even the Nokia Lumia 920 will beat the crap out of it! That's for sure. I'm terms of design, this is simply cheap and copied stuff. A digital camera gets heated up quite soon and since it's made up of plastic it's possible this phone can blast like the Samsung Galaxy S3 but in digital cameras most of the manufacturers use metals. If you want camera quality, better avoid this phone and buy a Nokia Lumia or a digital camera. As for now this sucks.

SAMSUNG Mobile, 09 Jun 2013Dear Consumers, Please be advised this is a FAKE leak, we sug... moreFake leak ? lol if samsung read this thread they would pullout this horrible device and pretend nothing happened.

SAMSUNG Mobile, 09 Jun 2013Dear Consumers, Please be advised this is a FAKE leak, we sug... morei like u "SAMSUNG mobile".

SAMSUNG Mobile, 09 Jun 2013Dear Consumers, Please be advised this is a FAKE leak, we sug... moreLol :"D

  • SAMSUNG Mobile

Dear Consumers,

Please be advised this is a FAKE leak, we suggest you ignore such leaks and hang in there for 20 June conference.

Warm Regards
Samsung Mobile