Aluminum shell of unannounced Nokia lumia device leaks

14 June, 2013
A metal shell of an unannounced Nokia device leaked, hinting of another Lumia device in the making.

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For those fandroid that are saying that this photos are moulds for the polycarbonate body. i believe that if they are moulds, this alums. should not have holes in it. .

Even Nokia could put in 100MP camera in the Lumia but still running on Windows 8, it is still useless & wasting time!

What people want is Lumia operates in Android OS JB 4.2.2!

  • Anonymous

Tin-can shell, for NOKIA , means another bulky brick with non-swap-able battery.
When Nokia will stop with this crap. I used to like NOKIA very much, ones upon the time.

What is that line above the camera hole?

  • Anonymous

if windows 8os is so bad, why has ios7 copied it??

  • ABI

Make it the flagship of the flagships. Now that the Camera is 41mp, give it 128gb internal memory, 15gb ram and battery 5000ah .................

JonHolstein, 14 Jun 2013All those begging for Nokia to release an android phone must rea... morestop talkin,you clearly don't know WTF you talking about.... have you not seen the N9/N900/N950....those Dev's have worked vaster than any of Nokia's Dev's in their years of symbian

808 is there don't waste your money

This might be a prototype of the 16-lens, Pelican camera that was rumored! Look at the square hole!

  • raj

its lumia 909 pureview mobile...becoz i am da god...i know everything

  • jacobe

ObserverPh, 14 Jun 2013Like what 808pv did to Galaxy Cam?? An outdated Symbian Cam phon... moreYah right!!! bcoz thats the power of android


Go educate yourself on how polycarbonate is produced and shaped.

" supposed to have a 41 megapixel PureView camera and running on Windows 8" correction windows phone 8. Although a Nokia Lumia running on Windows 8 would be killer :)

  • emil

Just realis it...i want to buy it! !! Plastic or aluminum...who cares....realise ittttt!

All those begging for Nokia to release an android phone must realize the cost that is related to doing so.
The manufactor needs to get all drivers working together, and that costs a lot. And no, it doesn't matter if they go for Vanilla Android google will still not do the job for them.

This is the difference with WP, MS only supports a minor set of hardware and supplies most of the drivers with the WP8 that the manufactor then installs. Sure in many ways it's not a great thing, since the manufactor has to wait for MS to support newer CPUs and even new screen resolutions.
And the manufactor might still have to make drivers for camera and fm-radio modules inside.
But if Apple were to licensing their OSes, the same would probably apply there, other manufactors would have to stick to supported hardware.

With less drivers, you get a much more stable OS.
And you can trust the over all performance to be the same on any phone with the same components inside, that is not true for the android camp, and much less of it has to do with skins if there are any, than you guys think.

If Nokia were to make an Android device, it would have to be a hugh sucess to carry all development costs, even if it was pretty much the same hardware inside as an already made WP device.
And it most likely wouldn't be. There are so many Android handsets to choose from. And the Nokia fanbase that wants Android is small, Nokia has much fewer fans these days. ANd back in the days most buyers werent fans at all, but they just picked Nokia as they were one of the best manufactors. But then Samsung, LG and HTC weren't serious about making quality high end phones, Huawei and ZTE wasn't around. And Nokias hugh sales were mostly feature phones, and those were and are pretty good, but can't do all the things people want to do, today.

I myself am an android user, but I'm getting tired of it, it gets buggy and laggy all the time, so you need to reinstall the OS, and most people never do (like with windows on desktops).

There are tons of launchers on the Android marked, so you can customize your phone, but lets face most, will not. And most of them arent terribly stable either, so you phone gets worse with them.

To me WP8 doesnt look the best, far from my ideal.

But on the other hand, when you use a phone, you are using it and not staring at the UI. Your in the browser or in apps, and then you arent looking at tiles, but the apps itself.

Android has lots more apps, and that can't be denied. WP8 will not yet cover all bases, so there will be apps clearly missing or you would have to go for an app that might have many compromizes from you favourite one on Android or iOS. And if you are a gamer, well there are some, but in the long run you would get boored if not enough new ones will come. And if you are a gamer that is a fan of a certain series, that is avaible on iOS and/or Android, that might not be on WP. But if you are a serious gamer, wouldnt you at least get the Nvidia Shield, to hadle your android gaming, and you could to save some money get the latest generation of iPod Touch.

mlk, 14 Jun 2013What is your current phone model and where it manufactured?LG P880, Korea

The side of the device remind me of SE satio...

  • Anonymous

This public obsession with Aluminum(metal) body is just beyond my understanding.

No one thought aluminum(metal) body as "premium" when Nokia and Samsung made those boring phones with metal shells and that's only freaking mid "00. Only like 5 to 7 years ago.

Nokia is the King then, now nokia is really a King. ... in WP, because. . .no other manufacturer are interested making phones for Windows OS. So good luck to the king! !!

  • SD

Nokia rocks..