Leaked Samsung Galaxy Note III sample confirms 13MP camera

14 June, 2013
A sample photo from the Galaxy Note III was uploaded to Picasa, confirming the resolution of its camera.

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  • Anonymous

Dorian, 14 Jun 2013Who cares for camera??? What is inside??? S800 or NOT????It has dual octa core. And octa lag too.

Who cares for camera???
What is inside??? S800 or NOT????

Having owned a note 2 for a few months I am more than happy with it. I've no doubt the note 3 will set new standards. And bigger definitely is better...

I've played with my friend's note 2 and I gotta say note 2's size is my limit. Anything bigger than the note 2 would be fail. Same size or smaller, with bigger screen(5.99" to be exact) would be just crazy awesome!

  • Anonymous

lol, 14 Jun 2013Floppia super sucking in sales. wp never again, the biggest flop... moreWhy do people seem to care so much about thickness? It's a thing that needs to be sacrificed in order to allow a better battery and camera. And anyway, Nokia's cameras are the best, they beat every point-and-shoot out there, especially the Nokia 808.

here4u2hate, 14 Jun 2013I hope galaxy note 3 will have the flexible OLED. Please sammy h... moreNo not yet. Flexible oled must come with flexible cpu, ram. The whole chip must be flexible!!

  • here4u2hate

I hope galaxy note 3 will have the flexible OLED. Please sammy hear me out! Put that flexible screen on this beast.

  • ryan s

It seems like we are currently entering into a phase where the camera is quickly becoming the star of the show, which is rightly so, because we are in an era where picture and videos are the preferred means of communication, and also means for keeping memories, taking notes, reporting news , etc.
I had my Note 8.0 with me during a business events which was held at night and indoor, and I was trying to record some part of the events and found out the big short fall of having a device with an inferior camera. So if Note 3 is using the same camera parts as S4, may be Sony can steal the thunder away from Samsung with the L4 or the i1. Nokia may have the EOS, which if like the Pureview, would probably have great low light performance, but WP8 is still kind of lacking.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]you troll, people dont take many pictures at night because the quality doesn't look very good, even buy DSLR standards.

And since you only care about night shots, which is weird, you can try 'night' settings on the S4 or this note 3, or simply use flash.

Stondec100, 14 Jun 2013Hopefully they actually upgrade the camera with image stabilizat... moreYou are kidding, Right?
Look here in real life experience between Exynos 5 and Snaplagger 600
Snaplagger lags in hd games and heavy duty while Exynos runs smoothly with no lag at all.
So next time get your facts before you embarrassed yourself like that!

  • Idea

Just an idea, if you keep your old phone, say the sgs3 or iPhone 4+.. And spend $400 on a nice camera what do you miss? What do you gain. People so dumb upgrade for anything

Shafin BD, 14 Jun 2013I disagree!!! Nokia's Pureview cameras are the best cameras-in-p... moreyea i agree with you about nokia sensors, they are very good at making cameras for their phones, i have a galaxy s4 and while it does take very good pictures, it does lack when in low light compared to the competition, i also now have a nokia 808 which i use for photography, when i dont want to carry around my Sony NEX, if i was samsung i would address the low light for the note 3 if it does get the s4 sensor and camera module.

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2013"Given the excellent performance of this particular sensor ... moreI disagree!!! Nokia's Pureview cameras are the best cameras-in-phone in the market. While 920 takes the best low-light pics it doesn't perform so well in daylight compared to 808.920 even beats S4 in photography. 808... what to sa about the cameraphone king, actually nothing. :D
If you still don't believe me I'll suggest that you google 808 camera samples and you'll see ;)

Hopefully they actually upgrade the camera with image stabilization and equip it with a much better low light capability.
The features I'm most desirous of are:

1. 64GB internal storage on day one (most important)
2. Better battery life - put in a 4000mAh battery (2nd most important)
3. Much higher resolution screen with 400PPI and excellent sunlight legibility for once
4. Make it thinner - 7mm and lighter - 120g (don't care if it's made out of plastic or paper as long as it has a sturdy build and looks good)
5. Dual front facing speakers
6. Better software especially relating to the S Note and S pen functionality.
7. Snapdragon 800 processor - don't want no stinkin Exynos Oca which is simply overrated and performs worse than the snapdragon 600 in real life despite appearing slightly better in synthetic benchmarks.

The Note II is currently the most functional phone on the planet bar none

  • z

wow i cant remember the last time i saw a keyboard condom!

  • Anonymous

imitenotbecrazy, 14 Jun 2013I guess if you blindly and stupidly overlook the tons of young p... moreI was not implying that Note 2 is for elderly. In fact, a lot of young customers bought Note 2, but from my sales experience, at least 60% to 70% of the customers who choose Samsung Galaxy Note 2 were midlife mothers who basically don't care about other aspects, but only care about the size of screen and the brand.

I should say Samsung knows the business, like always.

Another DoA device by Samsung this year.

  • Anonymous

shooting pictures in bars you need a xenon flash. I would recommend the new nokia lumia 928. I remember when sony use to put led with xenon flashes so you can record videos with led and take pictures with xenon.

  • happy user

What is the use of creating a super product that is each aspect good but becomes too expensive n thus not saleable. Camera n body is the last things samsung would put on cost for next gen premium phones so that people keep on buying. Can samsung make good camera of course can !this is call stepping up specification marketing to make people keep on buying

loveTechx, 14 Jun 2013i like to take pictures at night and indoors like bar or restaur... moreActually theres no phone that can capture great photos indoors like clubs and bars, dunno bout the latest lumia. But i hate wp. :p