AT&T updates iPhone 5/4S with Emergency Alerts support

15 June, 2013
With this update, your iPhone 5 and 4S will be able to receive alerts for things such as national emergencies.

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  • Cyna Cowboy

What system are they using to push these notifications out? Is it via straight data, or some other system?

I actually don't own an iDevice, nor do I live in North America, but I am curious about how this system works.

By the way, I think it's a great idea - all too often we see people injured or killed because they weren't aware of the situation... The regular bushfires in Australia - which are renowned for their ferocity throughout the world - are a perfect example of this.

Such systems should be available to all service provider-supplied telecommunications devices - regardless of the operating system utilized - however.

Erakovic, 16 Jun 2013What about other platforms such as Android, BB and WP8? It depends on carrier. Japanese carriers also feature like this one.

  • Erakovic

What about other platforms such as Android, BB and WP8?

  • reym

Those who say carrier devices are a pain in the A are right, for the future I will try to avoid those as well, if it should happen I don't have enough money for my next phone I will apply for in-store installment. No locks, less bloat, and no more waiting 6 to 12 months longer than others for android updates. Will also avoid grey market, I heard that many grey market Samsung buyers never got any updates, their phones turned out to be carrier locked devices from other countries that has been unlocked without authorization, no updates will ever come their way.

  • reym

shad, 15 Jun 2013Don t update if u don t want. You think this is optional? If you don't update you proudly get the dreaded "connect iTunes" and your phone will not work again until you do, and then the update is being installed as part
of the "repair" process. Alternatively it's being installed as part of the next update. This will be impossible to avoid in the long run.

  • ramur

id rather watch the national television for free, the funny thing is that, you pay hiden charges when you recieve updates, this apple is going to empty your pocket..

  • shad

Don t update if u don t want.

  • reym

Insane, and it cannot be fully disabled, I would be likely to explode if someone did that to my phone.

So, should we expect sth to happen? The most riduculous thing ever, you gone nuts Apple

  • max

Data Crash, 15 Jun 2013Sounds like a nice trick to spy on you.No,it's not.It will not collect your personal data in any way(sarcasm).

Sounds like a nice trick to spy on you.

  • iPhone Guy

AT&T should provide this alert system for all models of iPhones instead of just the newer ones. This update does not give the user a everyday usable feature but it provides the user with emergency alerts which could maybe save a life of an iPhone 4/3GS user.