Samsung Galaxy S4 mini goes on pre-order in UK, costs 390

17 June, 2013
The Galaxy S4 has gone on pre-order in the UK, you ca have it in early July for 390.

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  • shubhansh

its too much expnsve

you all need to remember that the dual core 1.7ghz CPU in the S4mini are of the newer kind and that they will actually be a little more Powell in benchmarks than a last generation QUAD CORE A9! So basically the S4mini with its dual core 1.7s will be equivalent in power to the GALAXY S3 if not a little more powerful. certainly it STORES THE FLOOR with the galaxy s2s dual core 1.2 A9s! it also has 1.5Gb RAM which is very nice. For anyone wanting something a little smaller than its big brother the S4... this is a great and powerful phone. It's more powerful than the Galaxy S3 AND the iPhone 5! it's same cost is found in the Galaxy Mega 6.3 so check out the benchmarks on its review. as that phone has a bigger display with more pixels to push though.. the benchmarks for the S4 mini will be slightly higher than the mega 6.3.

  • Silver

Looking at the specifications would rather buy the S2 save alot of cash then wait for Jelly Bean update

beng, 18 Jun 2013Xperia ZR/SP are better than this overpriced piece of cheap plascticI encountered this forum about Xperia SP that users have issue with touch screen.;tstart=0

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2013surely it has air view and air gestures right??!!


  • beng

Xperia ZR/SP are better than this overpriced piece of cheap plasctic

Bingo, 17 Jun 2013Not that different from my two years old GS2 (16 Go memory) moreLet me get this straight (S4mini vs S2):
-price: +45% (300 vs 390...still debateable)
-CPU: +40% (1.2GHz vs 1.7GHz...not to mention CPU generation)
-width: -5mm (66 vs 61)
-battery: +15% (1650 vs 1900)

Yes, I am defending the S4 mini. I've got a Razr I right now and waiting for more powerfull phones AT THIS SIZE. SGS2 is the MAX I allow.

[deleted post]Comparisons to Xperia ZR fail to mention that it's 7mm taller and 6mm wider than S4 mini. Add another 4mm+3mm and you have the regular S4. In other words, compare the ZR with S4, not S4 mini.

I don't think any reputable OEM can beat this performance/SIZE. Still waiting for HTC one mini dimensions.

  • Indian

Price is too much. Bros go for Sony xperia L. 4.3inch screen, gorrila glass protection, 8gb internal memory, good battery life, better build quality than this plastic,4.2 jelly bean etc etc.........@15-17k........Y to waste 25k for this?

  • Anonymous

very expensive for such a phone for me.

  • Chiboy

Don't understand hw a phone manufacturing company compet wit human being on population and specie wise..... Must samsung produce a new phone every second.?... Don't like d image I am getting abt samsung... Being everywhere at thesame time doesn't make u d best.


Wow £ 390 is equal to rs.78, 000 I srilanka for that price I can buy a brand new samsung galaxy s4 unlocked damn! No one s going to buy this .! Xperia sp will be a great choice for those who are looking for a mid range device ! A dual core device for £390 u gotta be kodding me!

  • Anonymous

xperia sp is better option!....

  • Rauf

Yes you are right, Sony Xperia ZR will beat s4 mini, ZR is Dust and water proof, scratch resistance, nfc, latest quid core processor, 2 GB ram, 13.1 mp camera, just in 500 USD on pre orders.

  • Anonymous

I never understand that what samsung think when they decide about price. Have samsung ever seen specs and price of their mobiles ??? s4 mini is too much costly.
Guys please must check Sony Xperia ZR, its price and specs, it will suerly beat every samsung mobile in feature, design and price.

s2weden2000, 18 Jun 2013it's all about choice & bUlk...but some of you don't get itcould u plz elaborate dat..

its having air gestures ,right??

  • pat_06

the price i imagined. maybe not a great phone but much better than the s3 mini (larger screen, better camera, faster and still compact compared to the s3 and the s4). xperia sp may be better but is too heavy and the htc one mini isn t avalaible yet. so this one can satisfied people like who want a very good mid range phone between gs3 and gs4.

You can buy a brand new Lumia 920 for £369.95