HTC Desire 200 is officially announced with 3.5" display

18 June, 2013
HTC's latest entry model weighs just 100 grams and comes with Beats Audio music enhancement.

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  • m p singh

.It is a very goood phone.I want to buy it. PLZ TELL me when it will be introduced in India .

  • Amz

DroidGuy, 19 Jun 2013Some folks here talking pointless...this phone is a entry level ... moreu r absolutely right.this is an entry level droid. every brand has such low spec phones in that category. even samsungs cheapest droid star duos dont have 3g.

  • DroidGuy

Some folks here talking pointless...this phone is a entry level droid for those want a phone in this price range or this could be someone's first smartphones...if you guys want better specs go buy HTC One...those who find this phone suits their preference will buy it...and even Samsung offering Galaxy Fame and Sony playing with Xperia E In this price range...this is a good move by a struggling company...that's all...

  • adonis.warrior

By considering Specs.. (Snapdragon S1 chipset... uff)
this should be sold for less than $100..

  • DG

DroidGuy, 18 Jun 2013So when's HTC Desire 400 coming?So whens HTC Desire 800 coming?

  • Emanuel2558

The battery is very lame (1230mAh). It stays up only one day, event sony xperia J it has a more quality battery then this.

  • Anonymous

A nice entry level phone.... from 2009. Way to go, HTC.

  • Anonymous

They should call this the HTC -200 (minus 200) as they're going backwards. I have a Desire S I hardly use - only for e-reading - and most of the specs are way better than this, even though the Desire S was released in March 2011 (according to your site).

  • Jacek23

mike, 18 Jun 2013Wow! My optimus one still alive :)And my iPhone 4 too ( and still supported)

  • Silver

I think its a mid range Phone afterall you have other choices the One Mini and the 600 so instead of complaining chose a Phone that you want

  • Anonymous

gaza, 18 Jun 2013why do htc make phones with very low screen resolutions gosh its... moreHTC One 468 ppi higher than the Galaxy S4, Xperia Z and the iPhone 5.

HTC are poor with budget phones. In this day & age from the likes of Nokia on a budget you get dual core with 8 gig internal memory & WVGA screen. And fixed focus camera?? Come on HTC for god sake

  • gaza

why do htc make phones with very low screen resolutions gosh its really anoyin

Seems like a pointless phone lol

  • HA559

Its quite funny how low end phones have removable battery but most high end phones dont't. Its also quite funny how if someone wants a low end phone they also have to do with poor a battery life as well. This is going to fail like the desire c of last year. Couldn't even be bothered to add flash next to the camera.

  • DroidGuy

So when's HTC Desire 400 coming?

  • paku

Mo3tasm00, 18 Jun 2013This phone should be for free..Big Like

  • Gagglesalltheway

This phone will be a prize in special boxes of cereal.

No wonder HTC lost so much ground to Samsung, they just do not understand what the public wants.

  • Anonymous

Makes my htc sensation xe look good
. Oh wait xD

This phone should be for free..