Another leaked image of the Samsung Galaxy Note III surfaces

20 June, 2013
The latest alleged leak of the Galaxy Note III shows off a narrower bezel but little else.

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  • Anonymous

Wreckit, 21 Jun 2013That can't possibly be the Note 3. The battery and signal icons ... moremore likely it's a nexus interface.

  • subic4

steal or alminium caasing woulf only weight to the device nt performance

  • Anonymous

Wreckit, 21 Jun 2013That can't possibly be the Note 3. The battery and signal icons ... moreIts the galaxy note 3 nexus edition

That can't possibly be the Note 3. The battery and signal icons is different than Samsung's touchwiz. It's more like AOSP's. Moreover, the screen. Samsung would probably use AMOLED on their phablet flagship and AMOLED has a very wide viewing angle. The black in the picture has degraded at an angle.

  • Anonymous

Again with cheap plastic???? HTC or Sony, will be my bet this year if Note III will be plastic.

z, 20 Jun 2013Note 3 must have: 1) 1080p screen 2) Big battery (4000mAH+),... more1) 1080p screen will happen.
2) Battery will be 3500MAh max, 4000 is getting too heavy.
3) 16GB will still be the base but hopefully 32GB is released at the same time.
4) Stereo speakers wont happen unfortunately.
5) Dual SD card slot wont happen.
6) Whats wrong with 3G only for countries that dont have 4G? Makes the phone a lot cheaper.
7) FM trasmitter wont happen. Most new cars use bluetooth to do this.
8) FM Radio.... hopefully its there but i doubt it.
9) Weight wont be any lighter... the phone will be a touch longer with a bigger batter so will be the same weight at best.

  • Anonymous

Apple Hater, 20 Jun 2013still better than the iphonethe i-what?


The suppliers' declines on Tuesday were limited by earlier reports the iPhone 5 was trailing sales targets and that Apple was cutting production, said Keita Wakabayashi, an analyst at Mito Securities Co in Tokyo. The phone maker cut production about 30% last month, USB AG analyst Steven Milunovich wrote in a note on Monday. "This is not entirely a new story," Tokyo-based Wakabayashi said. "That's why stocks aren't plunging dramatically." Apple may have pared iPhone production to rebalance inventory or because of lower consumer demand, according to Milunovich.

On, that i-what.

  • Anonymous

Giant phones UI. No tablets, no phablets.

JUST plain old look giant phones UI.

Use watsapp on a giant phone ... use facebook on a giant phone ... use twitter on a giant phone .. TOTALLY NO optimization. I can see the same information on a 4.3 inch HD2 as that on a 5.5 inch or 7 inch or EVEN 10.1 inch.

Which begs the question: What is the use of a bigger screen?

No use .. just like android lag, totally pointless and only add to hand muscle cramp, and dropping of massive bricks.

  • Anonymous

z, 20 Jun 2013Note 3 must have: 1) 1080p screen 2) Big battery (4000mAH+),... more..........and plastic!

Samsung Galaxy Note III 6", Note IV 7", Note V 8", and so on.

  • Anonymous

Same design Sh$% again?????
I have note2, If Samsung come out with the same old design again with Note3, then I better buy HTC Butterfly S. They should have moved the speaker to the front and make it stereo, this is a logical approach to the design.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2013Samsung fans are in state of denial again. Just like when s4 was... moreits not ugly at all... u mad bro?

  • Carol

drkavin, 20 Jun 20133gb ram, water proof body , 16mp cam... only can save note 3 Hu... moreSo, in your opinion what you have said is called innovation?:))) That's new... keep it up.

  • carol

I don't understand why they bother to "leak" pics with this device. Is not like there is something new about the design....

  • Apple Hater

loveTechx, 20 Jun 2013same samsung garbage they never going to change with there desig... morestill better than the iphone

  • z

Note 3 must have:

1) 1080p screen
2) Big battery (4000mAH+), of course removable. If not removable = automaticly deal breaker.
3) At least 32GB internal memory on "base" model.
4) Stereo speakers
5) Dual SD card slot (or finally somebody make/release at least 128GB microSD card!!!!!!)
6) LTE/4G (on all models, not just in some regions)
7) FM trasmitter (meaning you can broadcast stuff in few meters short distance to FM waves... dunno why this functionality is missing on Samsung phones).
8) FM Radio
9) Weight reduced as much as possible.

samsung thought iphone as its only competetor , now seeing htc design, sony waterproof huawei mega screen and nokia eos camera it is verymuch insecure... wants to break into each by launching different products..ina hurry attempt it has failed to see the pricetag of its own device.. what a pity lg is eating into it...
just imagine
s4 with 20mp cam, water and shatter proof build , 3 years warrenty , 2.1 speakers,4200mah battery.. samsung could have sacrificed thiness as a feature and added wod have been master piece and crown for next 3 years... samsung wasted an oppertunity.

Samsung pls don't make the old plastic shit. We are tired seeing the same shit again and again..

Pls Samsung don't screw this time..

Just going to be another boring slab,,if they are going to persist with boring touchscreens why not give us button lovers something like Sony Ericsson p900/p910..

  • Anonymous

...., 20 Jun 2013It's funny they keep showing leaked images of the Note III when ... moreHaha indeed, its like there something surprising when it comes out. Its just a huge galaxy s4 with s-pen