Alleged LG Optimus G2 screenshots show onscreen keys

23 June, 2013
The company doesn't appear to have made any other significant changes to the Optimus UI.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2013LG is the better choice for now! i want to have this Phone. ... moreAre you on drugs? About the everyone following part?

  • Anonymous

i hope the battery will bigger than 3000mAh.


Life's good!

  • Anonymous

LG is the better choice for now!

i want to have this Phone.
so fantastic and nice design
other manufacturers are following Lg's foot steps... from the original design of Prada 2006 up to s4 Snapdragon 800 processor...

  • Anonymous

take my money now!

  • YGH

OMG! UI language is Persian!!!
It's awesome!
My language is Persian!

LG is taking my money on this Phone

  • 0kelvin

after experienced the on screen keys, can't use other devices.
try the nexus device and you will see how much the original google rom is better by any means!

  • shah

It is nexus 5 .... cnfrm

  • Joe777

it seems LG has decided to ruin it, bad bad idea lg most of the people waiting for this will end up looking for other options elsewhere :(

  • Jeeva

I hate on screen buttons...

Design of G2 is boring or the sammy fans in LG thread ?

  • skyp

i will buy this phone

  • Anonymous

I will never buy a phone or tablet which has on screen buttons. I prefer capacitive touch keys or physical buttons. That's it. If this news is indeed true, I will never buy this phone.

on screen botton? well i hope its the nexus five running g2's UI :DD but it looks nice this will be the basis on the next line i hope g2 pro won't have on screen keys

At times comsumers don't know what they want! If it had physical keys like the previous generation G, people would be dishing out comments like: "Aah another boring slab-->another boring android phone! Nothing changed" Well they are moving foward. Kudos LG

  • skyp

this phone will not look as boring as the S4

  • skyp

it's a good if over 4 million people the nexus 4 that has no physical keys i do not see anything wrong with this one it's technology and it changes

  • cra4sh

heeeyyy... menu screen shot language is persian (farsi) :)
this is my language...

  • Anonymous

As a g1 user, i prefer capacative 3 button menu and not software like g2.

  • kenosis

LG becomes LB. Life's Better