Snapdragon 800-rocking Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A gets unboxed

25 June, 2013
The LTE-A version of the company's flagship will be offered in Blue Arctic and Red Aurora.

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  • Lotus Ravenmoore

Bill, 25 Jun 2013Only the LTE Advanced is for South Korea, so your point is kinda... moreVery well said, Bill.

Quite frustrating on my part who just bought my S4(32GB Korean Version - octacore+LTE) 2 weeks ago cause I know someone who can buy me S4 from South Korea.

I should've kept my money and waited for the LTE-A version to come out :(

But no matter how much I hate it, I'm still in love with the phone..

  • Samsung Fan

I've owned S2,Note2 and S4. S4 is not as smooth as Note2 eventhough it comes with exynos octa 5. Note 2 has no problems at all but S4 flawed. That's why you can see there are a lot of S4 users complaining....

  • Anonymous

Hohohohoho merry trolling from samsung. It feels so good i didn't bought the vanilla s4.

  • Anonymous

s800 will not save samsung. Their S-Lag feature is legendary.

  • anonym

i wonder, people get into samsung's game .....

  • Samsung rocks :)

This is good no one can stop us now :) it is time to upgrade S3 now :) Thank you Samy :)

  • Anonymous

I have the Galaxy S, S2, S3, S4, the Note 1 and the Note 2, I never had any problem AT ALL.

Felt you've been douche by Samsung?

Man...they over-saturate the market already

  • Anonymous

Limited, 25 Jun 2013Samsung's strategy: 1. Release a flagship phone (S4). 2. Wil... moreSamsung strategy is to copy, copy, copy, and brainwashing people. I cant even look at this phone for a couple of minutes, it makes me wanna throw up. Just the name itself sucks big time. Durability is really poor. Even in user rating this wont be a top natch.

I hope it can play hi10bit 720p and 1080p MKV videos flawlessly as NO ONE of the current top smartphones can give flawless playback. Some struggle and stutter and others just can't. (Using MX Player, which has the best support for softsubs)

Only the boring looking iPhone 5 and the pretty Motorola Razr i (Intel) can play flawlessly 720p.

This is lack of optimization or codec implementation neglected by CPU and smartphones makers which have several thousands if users unhappy. Specially the ones who like to watch Japanese animations and videos in this impressive hi quality.

Let's wait and see playback tests.

- L.

  • and...

Limited, 25 Jun 2013Samsung's strategy: 1. Release a flagship phone (S4). 2. Wil... morewait indefinitely till it's the manufacturer's last phone, or better, look at other manufacturer then wait again until it's their last again... repeat until you had enough and buy something then stop waiting...

But actually I hope one day laptops, tablets and smartphones can be like PC, you can pick what you want for the hardware-software, then pick which manufacturer you'd like to make your phone... :-)

Kabbi, 25 Jun 2013Touch wiz is slow not laggy, it's a different. Either you like... moreJust try, nor buy. .. ha! ?

  • Anonymous

Samsung's strategy: OPTIONS

  • Anonymous

Samsung is becoming a generic phone brand.

  • Anonymous

ugly brick...
no design from sammy

  • Carol

Already? This guys are like f. and drop machines:))). If you have never been into a restaurant that has 300 types of food in the menu, this company is the one that let's you know the taste...

  • Anonymous

Frankel, 25 Jun 2013I don't know what you're talking about. I have both the S3 and N... moreWrong. I had a note2 and it was faster than my s4

  • BERT

samsung is dominating the smartphone market, good sales but they sucks in marketing strategies disapointing costumers for their successive releases of new smartphone models specially the galaxy S4. they make consumers confused.... ouch... bad idea samsung....

  • mr adrian ajflex

Samsung you betrayed once more with our tricks s4 i9500 and s4 variant and now the snapdragon 800 thumbs down Samsung thumbs down. As a result of this I will be slipp ri ng s5 and s6 thumbs down

  • Anonymous

prd, 25 Jun 2013why does the red s4 have so many sensors up top?Both phones have the same number of need to look at the other photos of the blue one to see the additional sensor on the far left side.