Snapdragon 800-rocking Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A gets unboxed

25 June, 2013
The LTE-A version of the company's flagship will be offered in Blue Arctic and Red Aurora.

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  • Aeromiku

I should get an iPhone than this piece of plastic. Nothing to proud about this product.

  • Anonymous

Looks like a fake. Photos has been doctored using photo shop. Nothing mentioned official from Sam mobile website

  • Anonymous

See guys plastic is more expensive than aluminum and sexier too. :)

I am the one of the biggest hater of GS4 but this one in blue color ............. I have to say that in blue color it look sexier then HTC ONE I think im in love :P

  • Anonymous

Looks to be awesome

Anonymous, 25 Jun 2013This will be what the Note 3 will look like, but bigger, with th... morewhat do you think about the ram of note 3? if its 3gb then its perfect. bring it on sammy impress us show us what you got

Samsung showing off a allegedly market- specific device, on the exact same day, when Sony announced the Xperia ZU, sounds so legit......

  • Mr.Ghazanfari

How is the processor frequency?

Aqualung, 25 Jun 2013Yeah, I don't even have simple/regular LTE in town, let alone LT... moreIn Brazil we hardly have 3g

  • Anonymous

sasuke uchiha, 25 Jun 2013bring this on note 3 and take my moneyThis will be what the Note 3 will look like, but bigger, with the same internals, 800 Snapdragon in tow.

  • Xenocid

"Anyone know where should I buy a plastic case like those Samsung only for my Iphone?", sound the newest wish of apple fans.

man from finland, 25 Jun 2013Coming in the europe and finland,please!!!.is there anywhere in europe that has lte advanced speeds, most lte networks are not even capable of them crazy speeds

Yeah, I don't even have simple/regular LTE in town, let alone LTE-Advanced...

very sexy blue. why are people complaining about progress? You got a s4 already? sell it and upgr

  • lover sammy

Please make your back cover is glass or optional cover is glass so we can change that plastic! Shitiphonmine!

  • Otakon

LOL, The color variants look like the Japanese PSVITA exclusive colors.

  • man from finland

Coming in the europe and finland,please!!!.

Hello, do we have some sort of info if this is going to hit worldwide markets?

  • Anonymous

whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!!! i just bought the korean s4 version! but without lte a... damn!!! and those colors are pretty awesome!!

100% right dude. same old thing