Snapdragon 800-rocking Samsung Galaxy S4 LTE-A gets unboxed

25 June, 2013
The LTE-A version of the company's flagship will be offered in Blue Arctic and Red Aurora.

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  • Anonymous

Thousand of phone released by samsung.....
Billions of profit earn but still design is like cheaper chinese phone

  • h4c3d

That blue its amazing!

  • Anonymous

Samsung staying consistent with their design - and that wasn't a compliment.

In these new colors the S4 looks amazing!

  • Vasishta

Where is the Video !!! I need a Video review fast !!!

  • MisterCats

That blue.

That is a sexy metallic blue.

  • Anonymous

wtf! same old samsung design.

The device has got nice color variants. Samsung should have made sure though that the S4 would have the best features that a smartphone can offer. Besides, the S3 is still selling pretty good. They could have waited a little bit more before releasing it! If the S4 only got the Active's design language and knowing it is IP certified against dust and liquid, accompanied by a Snapdragon 800 with the 13MP shooter could have been the best! They should have not made their loyalists frustrated with the different variants that Samsung came out with the name S4!

bring this on note 3 and take my money

Where's white? Anw please move to glass or metal or at least nake the side real metal.

  • max

Well this is a stupid thing to do Samsung.Many customers will be very upset because of that move.

  • Anonymous

just showing how unprepared Samsung is too competition to Sony Z Ultra and so on. Beware of this kind of producers which just gonna eat your money and leave you behind. Especially with those crappy plastics phone. Be a wiser consumers.

  • Anonymous

oh yeah..cmo'n..

  • Mark bautista

I like the blue one.. :-)

This will be for the Korean Market, Why would Samsung Keep on releasing different versions with different processors, within a short period, is really silly even if its for the Korean market, hard to say if it would come for the worldwide market.