Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for Sony Xperia ion now available

26 June, 2013
Sony is finally seeding Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update for the Xperia ion, Project Butter and Google Now inside.

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  • sanya

My phone is nt getting updated wth pc companin is encountering many thr any othr way to update ..? Plzz let m knw @

  • parthi

when will be the next update for my mobile ..nw it is in android jelly bean 4.1.2

  • anil awanti

up from pc with windows xp and get sony company i get easy nt get any problem

  • mit

doc, 30 Aug 2013Hi everyone! I was v.much frustrated to have Xperia ion as my r... morePlease tell me the procedure how to do this.....

  • Shan

Pleace help mee
I have xperia ion 4g lt28at
How to update oficial jelly bean or I wont to rom link pleace
Help me gys....

  • Suresh

I have at&t xperia ion lte kindly guide me how to update 4.1.2 on the same. My email is

  • Anonymous

I can't send sms,I am encountering error message MESSAGING STOPPED after I updated my Xperia Ion to 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.Please provide resolution.Thanks

hello friends got any solution to the battery problem of xperia ion after jellybean update .... its been almost 9 months since the update was launched i had to roll back to ics firm..... but now wanna try again the jellybean firm ...please suggest if the problem is resolved .....

  • Sathish

Im from India using Ion AT&T 4.o.4 is runing in my mobile. i check update for 4.1 but its not available. Any one from India upadte their Ion AT&T to 4.1 plzz say me.

  • JBoyRocks23

Amish , 30 Oct 2013Hey can you please provide information how to update ?? I tri... moreHi, were you able to update the phone?

Email me at if you did. Thanks.

  • Sadmanik

Today Um Update my Xperia ion Jelly Bean via Pc Companion from Bangladesh...Its just Wwow....No problem :-)

  • kolithakasun

still not in Srilanka

  • harshal

after update jelly bean it works fine and fast do not read other comments who says after update devices is hangs. all are wrong bcoz my device is running more smoothly after update....

  • jack

when will 4.3 update come for sony xperia ion ?

  • Tri Nguyen

Anonymous, 25 Nov 2013After update, it works better and faster...Are you using ATT carrier or ATT unlocked international version?

  • mamtachetan

how to upgrade icecream sandwich OS to jelly bean OS on my Sony Xperia ion LT28h

  • Anonymous

After update, it works better and faster...

  • nishan

after gettng updateed my camara is very bad....

  • Sarabjit Singh

Hi...i updated my xperia ion with jelly bean....and it works fine.......;)

  • Amish

Akhil , 02 Oct 2013Hi guys even I am facing the and prob . Phone hangs when I use n... moreHey can you please provide information how to update ??

I tried a lot time but no success