China Mobile's Oppo Find 5 upgraded with Snapdragon 600

02 July, 2013
Oppo refreshes the China Mobile version of Find 5 with the snappy Snapdragon 600 chipset.

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  • Mit

Anonymous, 02 Jul 2013This is like no upgrade at all, difference in not worth of mention...That's absolutely untrue, the difference between Snapdragon S4 and Snapdragon 600 is just dramatical (around 25% overall). I know what I'm talking about, I own one and the S4 just doesn't catch up.

  • Mit

I want to buy it asap! But can't find a store that sells such...

Shut up and take my monkey

  • Dax47

Not having a SD slot card is a big minus.
A better pricing would really help the sales.

  • sunny Rokhel


  • oppo finder

Wow its really gonna be a bang for the buck phone.cant wait to have it!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 201316gb is enough for android! Any higher will lag the device. A... moreIt may be for some people but for me even 32 GB is too less. I mostly keep HD videos, music, photos, some big games and apps. Hope Oppo would release it with 32/64 GB.

SteveCHOPS, 03 Jul 2013The fuq? There is no infinity blade for androidiOS exclusive ;)

  • Ernt

1.U can buy it in Europa.
2.U can buy it with 32gig, i have 32gig in my Oppo Midnight.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 201316gb is enough for android! Any higher will lag the device. A... moreMy 64Gb memcard on my phone is nearly full. I have my Flac music and HD movies to carry around with me. 16Gb is not just for apps. For a non-expandable memory it's in the smallish side considering this as a flagship.

Poor who has already bought first version of this phone before.

  • Anonymous

Is this phone available in india?

  • Mr.it_solution

Man, that's cool !!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jul 201316 GB is too less for these days.. Release it with 32 GB and an ... more16gb is enough for android! Any higher will lag the device.

Android cannot handle more then 16gb worth of apps!!.. the background services will drain the battery fast and making the phone useless.

  • AGeek

a flagship device With 16gb mem.................WoW.....

  • SteveCHOPS

The fuq? There is no infinity blade for android

Domn, 02 Jul 2013I hope that they will bring it to europe.they will..can buy it from their website


  • F

what the eff is infinity blade doing on a chinese phone?

  • Jim

NO. 16 GB is too less, I know because when I had 16 + 16 it wasn't enough, now I have 16 + 64, now it's fine. I wouldn't have anything to do with this 16 GB shitbox.

16 GB is too enough for some users too ;) Who dont use their phones for music listening or videos or many large games at one time, who use their phones daily basis who wanna enjoy android on a very good phone only.