5-inch BlackBerry A10 (Aristo) leaks on video

14 July, 2013
The video shows the upcoming larger, 5-inch BlackBerry smartphone for the first time in action.

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  • yareemah

Hope the phone is good,what's its advantage?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2013So the first 2 were bad were they? You really think people will... moreYou're absolutely right about WP and Microsoft with the mobile OS debacles. I bought a HTC Dopod back in 2008 using the windows mobile platform. The phone itself was good (although at the time people laughed that I had such a "big" phone - who knew, right?) but there were bugs in the OS and microsoft never released 1 update to the os - NOT ONE!?!

So when they said they were moving away from the "windows mobile" platform to Windows Phone I thought it would be better. Nope, same crappy, buggy os with a new look.

Now you have WP8, and the took out some of the best features from the previous os' (such as file manager, support for SD cards, more flexibility on playing media files and media file management). So now they're saying, wait until WP8.1 - you'll really like it. I don't think so.

When they are almost 2 years behind in supporting phones with the latest hardware, like 1080p, how can anyone really like this phone other than for the tiles? I know there are some WP8 fans out there, so please tell me, I'm curious what you find so great about WP8 over other os'.

  • Anonymous

JACK SPARRROW, 15 Jul 2013Please blackberry, get rid of that stupid operating system bb10... moreReally Jack?

What about it is no good? What BB device with os 10 did you own?

  • Anonymous

I'll tell you why all the anti-bb comments.

1. Many don't like the way they're handling the competition for their BB messaging services. Excluding a few vendors, such as line from their app store, but allowing whatsapp. I don't like it either as I think the competition is good and in the end the consumer wins.

2. Many don't like the BB os, but don't realize that the os10 is only about 3 months old. Those that do complain about the lack of apps mostly (which is going to happen anytime you have a new OS). They don't complain about the os 10 itself because they can't. It doesn't lag, it's easy to use and it is very stable (much more stable than ios new version releases I can say as I own a Z10).

3. Many complain about the physical look of the phone itself. Here I see their point. It only comes in Black and White. The black is black on black on black (black back, black bezel/sides and black front. However, this isn't meant to be for the kids at school or your fashion conscious crowd trying to look "cool".

The Z10 is a business phone, the Q model is a bit more in line with the blackberry of old with the keyboard. Some people just don't want to change so they have their phone format with the new (and I will say again, much better, OS).

I expect Blackberry will soon come out with a line of phones that has a more casual look meant to compete with the Lumia line or the lower cost Android phones. They'll have to if they intend to survive (based upon the latest quarter, they have enough cash to make it through about 25 quarters of losses).

This "big" phone, if it is in fact soon to be releases, demonstrates that BB management at least has a read on the market and are going after those former Blackberry owners who went to a competitor and hope that there's enough dissatisfaction with Android that they'll win a few converts.

Since there were not endless leaks about this phone months ahead of the launch (unlike the endless Nokia/Samsung/Apple/Sony leaks) and given that it appears this phone is already being offered to the public in select markets, it will certainly have the competitors guessing about BB next move.

Robz, 15 Jul 2013Blackberry should just die seriously. Poor investors who put the... moretypically iphone user

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2013BB10 OS+Sailfish OS or BB10+WP OS would be cool.just update to

why so anti blackberry dont 4get bb10 is not even 6months old yet not like iphone who have run out of ideas already for there 5s but they have stole some of bb10 for there ios7 and has 4.2.2 jelly bean running aswell so just as good so just wait.....

  • dazzleBB

Anonymous, 15 Jul 2013BB10 OS+Sailfish OS or BB10+WP OS would be cool.or just update to with jelly bean 4.2.2 better again

  • dazzleBB

jdhupelia, 14 Jul 20131st one to comment I think this must be a very good mobile. ... morelike ;)

  • dazzleBB

Robz, 15 Jul 2013Blackberry should just die seriously. Poor investors who put the... morestrongly disagree robz dont forget bb10 has only started if anything apple will die before blackberry cos they have run out of ideas apart from stealing some of bb10 for there ios7

  • Robz

Blackberry should just die seriously. Poor investors who put the money in this crap company which is going down anyway.

  • emadw5

I total agree that all mistake and we are as end user will do a mistake if we buy things like that...

  • Anonymous

BB10 OS+Sailfish OS or BB10+WP OS would be cool.

  • Anonymous

tomakali, 15 Jul 2013BB has a chance with Windows Phone 8 to regain enterprise users... moreSo the first 2 were bad were they? You really think people will trust a third gen when the first 2 have had so many restrictions. I can't understand WP as windows mobile was great...then MS ruined it all.

is blackberry developing bezels with nokia? lol

  • Primark

Either the phone is really big or the hand is rather small... I wonder which is which LOL.

  • Rainer79

it is only big cause they have small hands.... 5inch screens in smartphones is going to be the standard size that are coming out between now and 2015

  • Siddu

thats a bb......big blackberry!

BB has a chance with Windows Phone 8
to regain enterprise users atleast
with the current scope of OS WP-Blue its very promising that WP9 should be a massive, lucrative adaption factor for enterprise users

  • bbm

Please stop the blackberry