Unlocked Nokia Lumia 1020 goes on pre-order in the USA for $735

15 July, 2013
Lumia 1020 is going to hit the US first as an AT&T exclusive, but you can get it without contract for $735.

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  • Dave

Taalen, 17 Jul 2013Oh boy, did you just reveal how you have absolutely no idea abou... moreActually, you are wrong on all counts.
1. Developers on ALL platforms have used distractions/animations for decades (yes, even ASCII animations) to keep users from realizing they're really just waiting for something that's taking a while.

2. Animation is not free. It does take up resources though the degree can vary. Poorly written graphical animation code can even cripple a system; try monitoring CPU utilization on older Windows and even the venerable DEC Alpha (if you're old enough to know what that is) screensavers. It may or may not be the case for the phone in question but your blanket statement is plain wrong. Indiscriminate use of animation WILL affect overall performance as resources are spent on that plus with only 2 cores, just the context switching and CPU cache management will have measurable impact.

3. With systems that have very limited resources like a smartphone, heavy load on any one area will almost be immediately evident across the entire phone. A computer with multiple processor cores and independent memory paths can saturate one or more cores while still function as responsively as when nothing else is going on. Try saturating the IO path and you'll see system wide slowdowns (for multiple reasons).

Btw, Carol's statement on the Windows OS is an over generalization. They do share some core components but they are not the exact same kernel and really, how do you define kernel? HAL? scheduler? the various resource managers?

I worked on DEC OSF/1, OS2 Warp, Windows, Linux and Solaris development. I do know a thing or two about OS'es even if I've never worked on a phone OS (although Android is a Linux fork and Windows Phone is off Windows).

  • Carol

Taalen, 17 Jul 2013Oh boy, did you just reveal how you have absolutely no idea abou... more:)))). Keep on trying. In the end (of life) you'll figure it out. That was just an example boy, and what you've said here is more then funny. It is ignorance at it's best. It's a good thing though. I like people that think about them selves, they are smart. They fill up my comedy time;). First of all, windows phone 8 uses the same kernel as windows 8 desktop. So what you said there is more then useless. If there would not be animations you would have waited forever:)))? Good said, but no, if you would not have animations you would wait exactly the same or maybe just a tiny bit less. Second, as i said the first time, you have no idea what lag is. When you open a app and that take more or less then 3 seconds does not mean the phone lags, it means it is processed. There is no machine, and will probably never be in the next 10 years, that opens apps instantly without a bit of processing. Be it a second for some apps running on ssd drives, be it more. The waiting for processing will be there. Dual-core, quad-core, ocra-core, mega-core, ultrabetacrappa-core, got it? Now there are machines that take longer or less then others to open a program, yes, cause the processing power is greater or weaker then others. And there are laggy phones, and those are androids;). First learn what lag is, then come here bragging about your ignorance, till then, zip it. I give you a small clue: have you ever whached an onlie video that always stops and LAGS in a very annoying way? Now this kind of behavior android tends to have with everything you do in it, and this is called lag. For more info, take some books, and put your games on pause for some years;).

bruce-wayne, 16 Jul 2013nova 3 is a game?i cant see what animations are you talking abou... moreThere was a discussion about running basic OS operations, then you jump in with some comparison of a single individual game. Not exactly related. Well, entirely possible Gameloft did a better job with optimization for one platform than another.

Carol, 16 Jul 2013Just courios, if you don't know nothing about OS's, why in the w... moreOh boy, did you just reveal how you have absolutely no idea about what you're talking about. Systems are designed differently, just because disabling animations in Windows increases performance doesn't mean it does so in Windows Phone. Let's see if I can put this simply enough for a simpleton like you to understand.

Drawing said animations in WP is not what is sucking up the resources. The animations HAVE BEEN PUT IN PLACE not to look pretty, but to hide the fact that doing anything at all on the system takes forever. Unlike on a desktop OS, the animations aren't there to look pretty, they're there to act as smoke and mirrors and give appearance of quick operation, hence the animations itself run smoothly. They're the only thing that does. But the sad thing is it's working - your average user doesn't care whether his phone is actually quick to use, and thinks something happening on screen = it's working quickly. WP without animations would be endless waiting around - in fact, it's that even with animations, but pretty pictures moving on the screen makes simpletons not realise they're just waiting and waiting and waiting for a laggy system to catch up.

  • Carol

Taalen, 16 Jul 2013If by perfectly you mean the long, long animations it runs while... moreJust courios, if you don't know nothing about OS's, why in the world would you act like somebody who knows somethin'? Just pretending doesn't prove anything, you know!? First off all: how can animations hide lags when in fact, animations induce lag if the system is not well optimized for the hardware? Have you ever optimized an heavy system on old hardware? The firat thing you need to do is: Turn off animations! You know what that means, no? Animations eat more processing power then normal windows, so turning them off gives a bit more ”space” for your old rack, letting the hardware to concentrate it's power on other processes. That is also one of the many things why, android lags. Second: if your 800 mhz doesn't lag, that means? You really don't know what lag is. If dualcore samdung lags. Your crap, lags like crazy, for sure! Now, that you lerned some new stuff, be kind and stop posting nonsense.

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2013I don't know about you and your friends, but most of my friends ... moreYou don't need a computer to transfer files, you have many options like USB on the go, NFC, Bluetooth, and in some cases wifi. I have never ejected my memory card to transfer files to another phone, I just connected there phone or thumb drive straight to my phone . I have also never removed my battery, if I am camping I carry my solar powered phone charger just in case I need it, that way I don't have to interrupt my calls to switch batteries.

  • CubanSmokes

bruce-wayne, 16 Jul 2013it is not its final price,price will be atleast 75€ less by it w... moreThe new article say's $659.99 so hopfully for us it will be priced at €700 which should be €600 really but hey us Europeans keep the world economy spinning i guess
with a 2 year contract the 1020 should only be like around €100 i guess
so my hopes are still alive

  • CubanSMokes

Abdul9, 16 Jul 2013First of all Nokia never expected to sell many 808 to begin with... moreI will never buy Samsung!
I will never buy Apple!

But maybe i will choose a cheaper device with a 1 year contract from a small brand and get the 1020 next year for half the price or whatever is available then
If it starts at $735 it should never ever be above €700 that's the truth and nothing but the truth

sinds Nokia needs bigger sales numbers i suggest they drop their prices by a few percent and do as i suggested
however i know they wont because if they sell 10000 1020's with 100 or 150 extra profit you know what that means right, BusinesS!!!
and there will be plenty of people wanting to do so but not me, i can only spend my hard earned money once!
I know the price will drop within 3 months or so but i have already waited long enough but maybe just maybe they will have a nice 2 year contract deal in store for us but the $300 they are asking in America does not promiss anything good for us

Taalen, 16 Jul 2013If by perfectly you mean the long, long animations it runs while... morenova 3 is a game?i cant see what animations are you talking about?you seem to have a very low iq....

bruce-wayne, 15 Jul 2013nova 3 runs perfectly on a 920 dual core wp8,but it lags on xpe... moreIf by perfectly you mean the long, long animations it runs while trying to make things happen run smoothly, then maybe. WP is anything but fast, the slowness is just hidden away.

Anonymous, 16 Jul 2013Gotta disagree here. I have an Xperia Sola running ICS. Lag lag ... moreYou can thank Sony's modifications for that. Try a pure android instead. I have a 800MHz single core with 512MB RAM here that runs perfectly fine. Not saying more punch wouldn't help with heavier apps and more RAM certainly helps. But saying it's not enough to run android smoothly is just laughable.

Now, obviously it's a problem that manufacturers stuff lower end phones with bloatware they can't run. But put blame for it where it's due.

Abdul9, 16 Jul 2013First of all Nokia never expected to sell many 808 to begin with... moreit is not its final price,price will be atleast 75€ less by it will be available.... :-)

CubanSmokes, 16 Jul 2013I have been waiting for the lumia 1020 for months and will have ... moreFirst of all Nokia never expected to sell many 808 to begin with. Second are you serious? You said you aren't going to buy the l1020 for €800 (well its expensive at that price) but want to get it for under €650 and if you can't you are ready not buy a Nokia and pay more than €650 for a S4 32gb model. Does that make sense to you? What can a S4 do better than a l920 or l925 that are both cheaper? If you really have been waiting for it you would have known that the l1020 has more innovation than the S4 and Iphone5 put together but hey its Nokia so it has to be cheap no matter how good the device may be. But Samsung is allowed to overprice their devices. Wow the world has a changed a lot the meaning of rich has turned to poor and poor turned to rich. Innovation has become just increasing the number of cores and frequency of a cpu and display resolution and those that innovate have become the fools!

rpg, 16 Jul 2013The Glance Screen facility is available in a normal scratch resi... moresoon to be released amber update will bring glance screen(and fm,etc) to all its lumia phone(620 wont get fm)....notification center and better mutitasking(like webos) will be brought with gdr3 update by the end of year..it is microsofts job to improve wp8,not nokia....besides wp8 is actually getting updates and improvements much faster than android or ios did.....and you cant carry DSLR along with you through the whole day.... as from any features other than camera,this has a touchscreen which you can use with nails,gloves and even inkless pens,its display has the fastest response time among all smartphones,only second smartphone with 3-axis OIS(after l920)..unlike other flagships whose key features will become old after a year,1020 is most likely to remain the best cameraphone for atleast 1 year..i believe i answered all of your question.. :-)

  • CubanSmokes

I have been waiting for the lumia 1020 for months and will have to wait a few months more for it to be available for me (probably available in november)but if however it will sell for €800 i will not hesitate to choose an other phone of another brand!!!!!
If Nokia wants to gain marketshare they should sell the L1020 under €650 from day one and make great 2 year contract deals with it as well otherwise it will be just another 808 story and the downfall of the once marketleader Nokia

Make it or brake it Nokia

X, 15 Jul 2013Don't be naive! I think that the top camcorders on the market re... moreWhat part of OVERSAMPLING don't you get? The SENSOR is 41MP, capturing 34MP in landscape/38MP in portrait...then in the case of video oversampling down to a 1080P resolution by combining pixels to create better colour reproduction with reduced noise. That means that the high data rates are only an initial part of the recording process and that the video stream is reduced to a more manageable size but with far better quality than a standard non-oversampling system.

Really...what is it with all the idiotic comments on here? If you really want to know what the device does then read the white papers that have been released for the 808 PureView or the Lumia 1020 PureView. And as for dismissing image quality based on a few unconfirmed shots and video stills...that just REEKS of desperation to bash.
The proof - as with any device - will be when it's on general sale and we see photo and video examples from the general public/consumers - not tech journos, clueless financial analysts, desperately trolling androboys or from any Nokia press release.

rpg, 16 Jul 2013The Glance Screen facility is available in a normal scratch resi... moreMe, Am done with Windows Phones!!!

  • Carol

X, 15 Jul 2013Now come on! They are from an official Nokia blog: press.nokia.c... moreThis guy has no peace until he always proves how disperate a man ca be when does not know nothing, but looks to troll hard. Like all Trollsungs here.

  • sting921

Taalen, 15 Jul 2013That's pretty heavy coming from an obvious supporter of a system... moreLol, I have a galaxy ace with an 800 Mhz processor, and it lags like hell.....even simple tasks like loading contacts or opening gallery takes alot of time to open up.About gaming it a serious No-No. Only androids top end phones aka the quad cores have a smooth experiance...the same smoothness( in general tasks) i got in the lumia 520 which doesnt cost's a bomb.

  • rpg

The Glance Screen facility is available in a normal scratch resistant screen of Asha 501. Why is not happening in Lumia 520,620 and 720?

If the company is ready to compete in the market, why cant they adopt new features in the newly released phones? For example, when you swipe down from the top of the screen in Asha 501, we will get the connectivity shortcuts screen. On the other hand in 520Lumia, I have to downlaod a third party connectivity tool app. Anyway, Asha 501 has borrowed its design from Lumia series. Similarly, Lumia can get inspired by Meego Asha new OS. The swipe close feature is brilliant in Asha 501. If it has 1Ghz processor and minimum 512 MB RAM in the next version,it would surely be a hit in the market.

Nokia doesnt have to adopt Android, instead, they can develop the latest Asha into a classy smartphone along with developments of windows phone.

The windows phone features are perfectly fine for phones like 520,620 and 720. But, when you pay high like $735, we are getting an additional camera. I own one 520Lumia costs around 9500 INR and if i get one Canon 1100 D DSLR ( 28.000 INR), my uses are done by the same price.

If Lumias are coming up with higher prices, let them make some differences too ( other than camera). Differences like customizations. WE dont need million apps. They could have made Lumia 1020 with purview tech of 13 MP, 1080p screen, water and dust resistant.

Let's wait for that special Lumia device.

Cheers \0