iPhone 5S might be delayed due to a 4.3-inch display switch

17 July, 2013
The next iPhone might be delayed until the end of the year because of an alleged screen size bump.

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Yuck, it's so ugly inside.

  • Nekko

4.3" screen! Yes! We get another row of icons! I can't wait!

  • iMe

If the display goes bigger, the screen resolution+screen technology (IGZO)+processor WILL HAVE TO be upped in addition to the expected "More Ram and Camera". If this happens.....its no longer gonna be iPhone 5S, its going to be iPhone 6. Correct me if I'm wrong.

shady, 17 Jul 2013i hope they make the screen wider not taller XDYea.
It should have more and new features.
Also, it should be more stylish and more colors to choose from.
And most of all, it is worth the cash.

  • Anonymous

This should have been released by now.
Instead delays, delays and more delays.

Why bother seriously? Anyone who buys iphones anymore is someone who is very unstable mentally. Sooooo many great phones out there nowadays anytime i see gsm write an iphone article i laugh it off as something comedial. Once apple was at the forefront of tech and design. Today not anymore.

  • Anonymous

3.5 inch is perfect size hahahhahaha.

Hey Apple, are you playing game with your loyal customers??????????????

Nowadays, almost all the flagship phones at least have 4.7" or above.

But you Apple still believe a smaller display is better.

Come on. Be a man, equip your iPhone 5S with 4.8" retina display!

  • krugar

brynn, 17 Jul 2013100% agree are people buying a phone or a TV set????? Folk wa... moreall this is becoming too much...if it was before

Want 2 watch a movie-buy a tv
Want 2 play games on the go-buy a nintendo or psp
Want to listen to music-buy an mp3 player or walkman
Want to read a book-just grab one (its not so heavy)
but too bad everyone wants all in one device

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2013Yes, but a tablet has less CPU and GPU compared to a smartphone,... moreThat's not true with the Galaxy Note 8.

  • Anonymous

Hope that the LiquidMetal rumours are also correct, in which case the next iPhone will be the most awesome iPhone ever!

shady, 17 Jul 2013i hope they make the screen wider not taller XDThey made iPhone 5 taller because they changed aspect ratio. So if they now make bigger screen its going to be longer and wider so the aspect ratio stays same, but i dont believe this 4.3" also i dont believe those news about delays. Same with every product from apple we have seen these news every time before every new products, and yet it never didnt happen.

These are again free advertising for apple, get to people talk about apple and their devices and oh boy they talk, it works everytime. This week for example in this site apple rumour news has got many comments just like always. You Hate Apple or love it but one thing is sure, people talk about apple a LOT.

So apple gets so much free advertising because all the haters. I mean without haters, would you guys think that these news would get much comments, no. But when haters comes, its like click, click, click, click...

  • Nickahola

SAME rmour every single year, 'delayed due to screen'

  • khan

My think is 4.5 screen good for every hands

  • thefearfulsilence

XperiaJunkie85, 17 Jul 2013So everything Steve Jobs believed his iPhone should be is being ... moreIt's a bit harsh to blame it on the new CEO. He seems to be just trying to add things to the phone and os that, frankly, should have been put in there ages ago. Imo it's better than the old bluster that Apple used to put out about innovation etc whenever a handset or the OS was found to have quite blatant problems or things missed out.
Whether Apple are going about it in the right way or not is another matter. If they aren't careful they will end up with ios with an Android skin on top. I love Androids and Apple phones and I'm hoping that Apple give me a little more choice this time than the regurgitated mess (both phone and OS) that was passed of as the last 'NEW' iphone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jul 2013I don't know of anyone who watches movies on their phones. Table... morePCs are light-years ahead of tablets. Their OS is too primitive and they're too large with too small a CPU. Unfortunately users like them more than computers.

  • SolidSnake

An 4.3 inch screen would be awesome!!!

  • Anonymous

Duel, 17 Jul 2013Apple isnt making 4.3" iPhone, this is stupid rumour just l... moreAgreed

  • Anonymous

Manufacturing problems for Apple? Oh hooooo


  • shady

i hope they make the screen wider not taller XD

  • Anonymous

Yet another delay? Oh Apple.