iPhone 5S might be delayed due to a 4.3-inch display switch

17 July, 2013
The next iPhone might be delayed until the end of the year because of an alleged screen size bump.

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  • geo

all this rumors are without meaning! i am really tired of reading "is rumored to have a better cpu " .Ofcourse it will have something "new" and "better" or else whats the point of a new iphone??

I cant even think about less than 5 ", preferably 5.5 inches

I feel this news like a joke

  • EvilMonkey

Terry Liew, 17 Jul 2013I thought Apple previously claimed that 3.5" is the most id... moreNot just that. I think that size and screen ratio became so iconic that it set the iPhone apart from all of its competitors. If someone else manufactured a phone with the same form factors, everybody said that it was an iPhone clone. I didn't even mind the different shape of the iPhone 4/4S. But now... they're just running after the Android/WP band wagon, not leading the pack anymore.

  • Anonymous

Me too, would love to see, Apple role out a 4.5" incher some where between 30k & 35k..

  • Gagan

Apple can't stick to the same strategy, they have to ammend with the changing business environment.. Apple always surprises its customers, according my personal experience.. there would be something interesting on a way !!

I thought Apple previously claimed that 3.5" is the most idea size for best user experience on handphone. They also finger pointing that bigger screen size handphone will have no competitiveness. What about now?

  • yeah

i got iphone 5 and i wouldnt upgrade to 4.3. i would do it if it was 4.5 or 4.7

  • Ducky duck

Okay, I bet now the ideal size will be 4,3", because when a iPhone comes out, the ideal size will be exactly the same as their current flagship.

  • Gagan

So finally.. war begins.. !!

  • Funtime Frankie

4.3 inch. So, does that mean another row of icons..

  • Apple

thankyou apple....this why i love you....taking your time, not rushing into huge screens, ensuring top quality upgrades at the right time.

i will wait, i will wait for youuuu

Ideal screen size..

It won't be an iPhone 5S if it's going to have a 4.3" screen. 'S' iPhones don't differ much compared to their predecessors save for minor improvements.

  • Anonymous

supergeek, 17 Jul 20130.3" doesn't worth it in my opinion. 4.5" would be an ... moreI'd prefer 4.8".

  • Insider

And full hd!

0.3" doesn't worth it in my opinion. 4.5" would be an ideal size.

That's good 4.3"