First Nokia Lumia 1020 units now in hands of AT&T customers

23 July, 2013
Those who've made use of the Lumia 1020 pre-order, which started on July 16, are now receiving their phones.

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  • Yano

alisha, 24 Jul 2013awesome !!!AT&T's selling it for $299! BS right? Are they trying to save Apple by making people wait for the iPhone 5S/6 or are they sinking Apple by making people buy 1020 so expensively that they will sure not want to upgrade again when the new iPhone come out later this year.

Mickey, 24 Jul 2013Same with me, can't use Android. once ur use to IOS or WP8, simp... moreMost of the reviewers if not all don't install a bunch of apps on the Android phones before reviewing the phone so they can claim smooth. Once you installed some, Android goes down hill from there with stability and battery issues.

darksantacruz, 24 Jul 2013Congratulations for you decent comment! Really only a user who h... morei wish there was a like button in gsma comments section....

  • alisha

awesome !!!

  • Mickey

otoro, 23 Jul 2013I find it funny that people keep slagging Nokia's Window Phone h... moreSame with me, can't use Android. once ur use to IOS or WP8, simply cannot accept the screen delay(lag)& jammed.. They promise butter smooth only when out of the box. once u start to install & uninstall apps after few weeks d smoothness becomes lagging.. & so on..

  • Anonymous

Great device with a real OS.

Honestly, in term of the look I find this phone is not really beautiful. I don't know the quality of this phone yet but I hope this gonna be a big hit for NOKIA. And for me Window Phone 8 is really boring! Plan to try window phone but after playing that on my junior's all I can say is that it's f**kin' boring!

  • darksantacruz

otoro, 23 Jul 2013I find it funny that people keep slagging Nokia's Window Phone h... moreCongratulations for you decent comment! Really only a user who had the 3 major OS can say a word! Thanks!

  • max

which date lunch 1020 in India & Rs.?

popye, 23 Jul 2013Android is more sluggish than WP8 because Android is running on ... moreNever thought of it that way but come to think of it Android text and graphics/icons are unusually small for a touchscreen while Windows Phone are unusually large.

otoro, 23 Jul 2013I find it funny that people keep slagging Nokia's Window Phone h... moreFinally, a comment from someone who has actual ownership experience of the 3 OS's.

I agree with you. Android, as flexible as it is, is clunky to use, I'll use it when I HAVE to use it. iPhone, as competent as it is, is a bit boring after so many years and quite expensive. Windows Phone, sort of straddles the two. I wish it had more apps and more quality apps. I also wish that I didn't have to deal with some of Microsoft's business side quirks.

My current daily driver is a Lumia 920 after graduating from a 610. My backup is a Sony Xperia P. Before these I had 2 iPhones, some Palms and assorted Androids. The rest of my family has a mix of iPhones, iPads, and Galaxy Tabs.

JBird, 23 Jul 2013Oh really? moreOh Really? So What? Sony makes sensors for Nikon and Pentax and a lot of other people. Quality sensors. Just because Samsung makes their own and makes a gazillion of them doesn't mean they are better.

Another person who thinks quantity is better than quality. There are more Androids out there but at least 75% of those are the cheap crap that should count as a feature phone.

JBird, 23 Jul 2013Your lame nickname says pretty much everything about your opinio... more"BTW Nokia are real fakers they oversaturate the images to make them look good"

This sentence proves you have no idea what you are talking about. Every camera manufacturer does some sort of processing to make their images look "better". At Nikon they call it EXPEED. At Canon it's DiGiC. At Olympus it's called TruePic. All these processing engines process the captured RAW image to produce a JPEG that looks "nice"... nice being the manufacturers interpretation of how much saturation, sharpness, etc should be done to the RAW image. Did you not know that? Otherwise we would all be shooting RAW and all those 41MP files would eat up all the storage space. BTW, a lot of the basic dSLR models and most Point and Shoots over saturate and over sharpen their JPEGS because that is the look consumer buyers like, whether you like it or not.

  • Jason

JBird, 23 Jul 2013When ever you have a real chance to use Android other than Cheap... moreI have the s3 and toshiba regza both runing on quad core. And both lag and hang quite frequently. Think I will try w8 next round. Just so tired of android.

JBird, 23 Jul 2013Look at the source "MyNokiaBlog". Since everyone in t... more...look how pathetic do fandroids go into wp8-related articles to bash... marketing side, the scenarios and links you quoted are in fact acceptable, as nokia claimed it as their mistake and even called an ethics group to investigate and correct the thing not acceptable and unethical is samsung pays reviewers to put fake reviews of other smartphonest... company is perfect, but samsung's got more dirtier tactics...

  • Anonymous

JBird, 23 Jul 2013Look at the source "MyNokiaBlog". Since everyone in t... moreJBird, why you stick this old stuff about this fake commercial about 920 filming with other camera and not 920? It's completely meaningless now and nothing to do with 1020.

  • Poppin

box14380, 23 Jul 2013Definitely I'm getting my first W8 phone Nokia Lumia 1020 once a... moreThis is to ensure that the screen do not crack if the phone hits the ground on its sides. As thinner bezel offer less cushioning effect than thicker bezel.

I've seen the Nokia Lumia 1020 disassembly guide, and I got to say locking the screen to the unibody is definitely a better design than Samsung S3/S4's design of sticking the screen to the main frame as locking the screen to the unibody offers equal distribution of force on the side of the screen that comes in contact with the ground.

Definitely I'm getting my first W8 phone Nokia Lumia 1020 once available in Saudi Arabian market. The vast sand dunes are just perfect for the 41MP sensor to exploit on :)

On the other hand, just wondering why Nokia keeps the bezel so thick errrr. I just wish the bezel would be like Samsung devices with thin bezels.

JBird, 23 Jul 2013Oh really? moreOh my god JBird...your 'examples' you post are always completely laughable - all you do is post a link but add YOUR opinion claiming the article supports what you say even though it really doesn't.
Your sensor statement isn't backed up by the article...there's no mention of chip design - all the stamp indicates is who stuck it together, not who designed it.
Then there's the 'lag' that on the L920 is described as comparison the lag I've suffered just typing this reply on my Android Asus Transformer tablet, let alone the many other times this tablet lags is anything but fleeting! I really do wish Android Project Butter was the lag-free pipe dream Fandroids keep promising me!
Roll on WP8.1 tablets and a replacement for my Android tablet!!

JBird is a fanboy Samsung and Android, do not pay attention