6" Nokia Lumia phablet front panel pictured

25 July, 2013
The rumors of a phablet in the works from Nokia get a bit more credibility with this alleged panel leak.

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  • Hacker

it's a fake

  • MarkusTech

SMARTNET, 25 Jul 2013Mr Elop MUST be FIRED!!! why wont he Mr Elop hire developers to ... moreI beg to differ. Instead of bleating like a black sheep he sought after something more unique. Something more the line of what nokia fans, owners would enjoy instead of indulging in a 'FAD' OS. Android might be great yes but thats because the mass tend to influence others. As i like to call it 'monkey see monkey do'. Consumers tend to act upon reputation, tried and tested stuff when buying phones instead of new unknown products.

  • MarkusTech

Genina, 25 Jul 2013Wow I like this idea , but i think nokia should continue working... moreGreat devices yes. Innovative, lag-free yes but also boring, live tiles get a bit annoying but i guess it all boils down to personal preference

  • MarkusTech

orca, 26 Jul 2013you might be right saying Nokia didn't use Android because of No... moreThe thing about nokia maps is that its FREE to be be used offline and google maps isnt

Ok guys. I had S3, I have S4, I am an Android lover despite not being a perfect OS.

So ... you can start the rage now :)

  • Anonymous

it looks like nokia is just listening to their customers!!!

  • adi

Superb...... Sexy design it will rock.

  • fri

nokia is verrryyy bbbbbbaaaaadddddd

wildanea3, 28 Jul 2013In tracing the 10 earliest devices in the history of the phablet... moreall of them were a big failure , only the note series has been successful, so that every company is tryna copy

no.BoUndaries, 25 Jul 2013If there was not any Samsung, this ”phablet” would not be there,... moreIn tracing the 10 earliest devices in the history of the phablet concept, PC Magazine called the 1993 AT&T EO 440, "the first true phablet",[18] followed by these devices:-

2007 HTC Advantage (5.0" screen)
2007 Nokia N810WiMAX Edition (4.13" screen)

OMG. Nokiass Windows phone- Doesn't sell anymore because they are useless and boring.
And now the desperate Nokiass together with Gaydows wants to make Phablet? Hhahahaha I wonder of grandfa's and grandma's would buy those. hahahahahah R.I.P Nokia. hahahaha

  • Ayoubukun

tex willer, 26 Jul 2013Soon you will ask apple to make android phoneIn your dreams, baby
IOS is the best OS ever and Apple's policy regarding the AppStore is the best. You don't get fake apps or be spied on everything you do. I have used Samsung and Apple phones and tablets. I know what I am talking about.
Nokia is doomed with that WP choice. Bye bye once a legend...

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2013Nokia will never make an Android so keep dreaming on. And why wo... moreIF.

  • Chuckles1

My Lumina 928 will go to my wife for this one if everything else lines up. Go Nokia!

  • death warrior

in the near future apple will be making WP nyahahaha

  • NameNick

The next manufucturer to build a 4:3 tablet (which is what tablets need to be, to sell) with a decent screen will have success comparable to the iPad Mini.
Until then, they'll all be kept wondering why there 'wonderful' devices aren't selling.
The moral is simple : - Get the basics right and you'll be successful. Screen aspect ratio and quality are non-negotiable if you want to succeed in this sector.

  • shanky

tex willer, 26 Jul 2013Soon you will ask apple to make android phonesorry but apple's Os is already much finner than all....but i am not saying that others Os are not good but they are doing well with android... As android is gettiing much popularity in the market ... The only thing that apple need is that they have to give little bit much bigger screen..

  • Anonymous

I can't wait to see the final design and specs and features. if it lives up to my expectations, I will definitely trade in my galaxy note 2 for this Nokia phablet.Been a Nokia fan for years but I switch to Samsung this year.I really love what Samsung has been doing with their High end devices. I hope they make some major improvements to windows phone before this device is released. I switched from Nokia because of Windows but the platform is definitely getting better with each update.

Samsony, 26 Jul 2013If this thing comes to android 4.3 with snapdragon 800 1080x1920... moreYea, but Android is not interesting any more, with that spec Nokia probably will be like SNote 3 (exept camera ofc) ...that will be sh.t.

NOKIA not needed Snapdragon 800 n 3GB RAM, WP is still good.

  • tex willer

Soon you will ask apple to make android phone