T-Mobile US slashes all upfront phone prices to $0, iPhone 5, too

26 July, 2013
The catch, of course, is that you still need to pay for the phone, you just do it in monthly installments.

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With T-Mobile, you still have to pay the full sales tax up front. On a $680 product like the Galaxy Note II, in San Francisco, that is additional $57.80 you must pay before you can walk out the door with your no upfront cost phone.

  • TAi

doesnt count if you have a deposit

  • z

there are no free lunches.

  • It's a me, ah Mario

Tmobile did not neglect anything. They gave you the montly price and the number of payments. You mean to tell me that someone cannot do basic math? Awesome...

Haha Americans.Buy the phone upfront and get the cheapest unlimited prepay plan in the country.
1.No worries about the network not updating
2.No bill at the end of the month
3.Real unlimited (no limits)

  • eli577

Wish we had deals like this here in central europe....for example here at T-mobile an SGS4 cost 300 usd for 24 month contract with 60-70 usd payed monthly. Now this is a ripoff.

  • kramnod

sprint for the win, UNLIDATA!

  • Anonymous

Umm this is how Europe/Asia/Australia has been doing it for the past 10 years.

Congratulations USA. You've finally caught up. The $199 was always a pure rip off, your plans were still gouging you on monthly instalments ontop they just weren't visible.

  • Inaru Mejil

Don't be fool. Of course theres a contrac...cause you will have to pay what you own from the phone. Wich is more than paying etf. Duhhhh think about it. Etf was a fix number no matter the phone. And now with this the penalty is what ever you own of whatever phone you choose. You are paying more. And yes you can change the phone twice a year but the phone is never yours and you have to be extra carefull not to damage the phone so it can be accepted. Its the same thing. Its just a psycological suggestion to make you feel & think that you have no contrac. Plus you have to be credit aprove. Wait a minute if theres no contrac why i need to be credit aprove? You get it now.

  • bob

TMO is basically copying what they do in Germany. That's the reason why everyone runs around with really expensive phones here... problem is that with such contracts you extremely overpay your phone over the period of the contract and that it looks to be affordable for people who can't afford it.... very simple... if you can't afford to buy the phone without a contract then you for sure should not buy it with a contract..

  • Anonymous

yeah, 26 Jul 2013it is more attractive for customers to pay NOTHING up front and ... moreI agree with your logic, but you would never being paying that much on contract. You are paying $50-$200.

  • yeah

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2013the usa is a ripoff.. no wonder why all americans are broke. ... moreit is more attractive for customers to pay NOTHING up front and pay them little by little than forking out $650 + TAX up front.

  • yeah

Kiseki, 26 Jul 2013So, you're basically leasing the phone?yes

  • Anonymous

T-mobile messed up the Lumia 925, I heard the phone is not stable (random reboot) after they added the tmobile band on the phone, this is why they keep delay the release, this is also why they lowered it the most.
Be careful with t-mobile, basically they increased the price on most phones, except the unpopular ones and use no downpayment strategy to trick people.

frh, 26 Jul 2013Excellent offer. S4, Xperia Z, HTC One and BBQ10 all priced the ... moreStrange, isn't it?

  • Anonymous

sam mahi, 26 Jul 2013Good Business then next 1yr less for 20% instalment amount The best business is to buy the unlocked phone, without any expensive contracts or installments. A lot of things can happen in 1 year to stop you paying.

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2013what the.. t-mobile is trying to a fast one. No down payment but... moreYou still have $30 over the course of 2-years on the SGS4. Save $50 on the 925, but spend $40 more on the HTC One.

You win on some, and lose on others (sorry for the formatting):

Samsung Galaxy S4 $600 Total Cost - $630 Regular Price, Save -$30
Samsung Galaxy Note 2 $648 Total Cost - $630 Regular Price, Extra $18
Samsung Galaxy S3 $528 Total Cost - $530 Regular Price, Save -$2
Xperia Z $600 Total Cost - $580 Regular Price, Extra $20
iPhone 5 $648 Total Cost - $650 Regular Price, Save -$2
Nokia Lumia 925 $480 Total Cost - $530 Regular Price, Save -$50
Nokia Lumia 521 $120 Total Cost - $150 Regular Price, Save -$30
BlackBerry Q10 $600 Total Cost - $580 Regular Price, Extra $20
HTC One $600 Total Cost - $560 Regular Price, Extra $40
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 $480 Total Cost - $450 Regular Price, Extra $30

  • ...

the catch is contracts arent worth it,just go for retail unlocked that way you also wont get junk from carriers on your phones

  • Anonymous

You keep stating "contract" in this article. There are no contracts with T-Mobile.