Spy photos shows the box of an iPhone 5C, the budget iPhone

29 July, 2013
This is presumably the box that the budget iPhone will come in but there are a few red flags.

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Cheap Plastic... lolz...

  • Anonymous

iphone5 china

maybe it stands for cheap

in Vietnam "C" can be stand for "CHAM" that mean "LAG".

  • atavan

C = CrApple

  • Anonymous

In the mean time, Google may be ditching Android. No wonder releases have become slower with less features:


  • Limited

Tea Master, 29 Jul 2013iPhone5(C) = CUP, and what follows is, iPhone5(S) = SAUCER :-P ... moreHahaha :D agree..

iPhone 5S stands for iPhone5Sucks.
iPhone 5C stands for Crap

C=Conspiricy ,conspiricy to get get an iphone into everbodys hands by making a budget version.Apple have the money to bring out a 20GBP iphone if they want..Yes they would lose a stack of money but it will put and iphone in everyones pockets who want one.

  • Kornetbeef

C is for Cheapskate
S is for Spender

This is so people can judge is iphone owner worth to date or not.

  • Anonymous

C stands for CHEAP. Lol.

  • lee

C = Cheap .. iphones spec are pretty shitty anyway. .now they are making them shittier. lol.

Anonymous, 29 Jul 2013the C means cheapc mean changed apple iphone 5.changed

  • Anonymous

Vino31, 29 Jul 2013Apple says plastic phones are cheap, now look at them.Well said

  • uh

C for... uh... hmmm.... Clone!
or both
China Clone!

but seriously I think it's Classic...

iphone 5C "C" means cheap not compact

Apple says plastic phones are cheap, now look at them.

  • kStar

C means ''CRAP''

  • Anonymous

It doesn't make sense for "C" to stand for "Cheap".. who makes a product and names it "cheap"?!

iphone 5C. C mean for china Market

  • Anonymous

"C" for cheaper.