Spy photos shows the box of an iPhone 5C, the budget iPhone

29 July, 2013
This is presumably the box that the budget iPhone will come in but there are a few red flags.

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  • Dexter

iPhone 5C (Copy)

  • airswimer

C# cheap /cheater

iPhone [C]hina. Lol at Apple if this is true then Applw sucks at choosing names.

  • Anonymous

i really really want one and you all be amazed with what is coming...

iPhone 5C (Cheap)

  • whatNoWay

if they really do this, I'm officialy done with apple.

mori91, 29 Jul 2013iphone 5C? C from CRAP?lol,,, you got that right.

  • creepy

Cheap plastic,Ca$h(need more), Crime-buster (no one want to steal a cheap phone!), Colour-fool, China-made, Cha Cha (oppss, sorry...name already taken), Cow dung (BS to you & me)

  • Anonymous

C stands for color imo, and it has 5 color options right?

  • Very Tired

C could be China ,Cheap, Craps ,Clone or Costly

iphone 5C? C from CRAP?

  • johnn

C... maybe Cool.

  • Dr.Z

That would be great if apple uses plastic.because it will be cheaper so more poor people can afford it.also the flagship(5s) remains elegant, not like Samsung that makes its flagship from cheap plastic to make it cost less and make more money from it.

  • airswimer

C# cheap /cheater

  • Yonder

It's The C For Cheap

  • Mojo

C = Clone

  • Z@ki

Andrei, 29 Jul 2013Nice Plastik...this time...it's a revolutionary Plastik...=)) an... moreas comment by Apple about Samsung product..Wht Apple called about plastic body?..this is not step up but this is goin down.Coz Apple don't have brilliant tech.like samsung.Apple need at least 5yrs to do what Samsung have done.

I dont evan give 5craps for this.

  • Anonymous

I take that back.

C is for Copy. As in Apple copying copying cheap china clones.

  • Anonymous

The C is for iCrappy