Alleged press images of BlackBerry Z30 and Z15 leak

04 August, 2013
Alleged renders of two new BlackBerry 10-powered smartphones surfaced online.

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  • jaminbob

Please please please make the z15. I'll switch from android promise!

  • Chippy55

Folks, 33% of Blackberry bashers are Apple shareholders and have this convoluted idea stuck in their head that by criticizing, nitpicking, and attempting to change the opinion of Blackberry supporters, that they are some how accomplishing something and benefiting their beloved Apple and/or the stock price. Here are the facts:
Apple shareholders saw over a quarter of a trillion dollars simply evaporate, $290 billion - Poof! - gone, when the share price fell from it's high of $705 to around the low of $385. They were so sure that it was going up to the $1,111.11 target that was bandied about, that they were buying at $550, $600, $650, certain they would double their money. And to assist it they have been bashing Blackberry ever since.
It reminds me of when I was growing up and listening to the gearheads in the neighborhood with their constant bashing of Ford (found on road dead) vs shimmy and shake Chevy with a slip-and-slide power glide transmission. and it wasn't just a local phenomenon, the two car companies went at it full bore (pun intended) with first a 265 cubic inch, then the 283 cubic inch engine, then Ford made the 289 ci, then Chevy came out with a 327, Ford had the 303 Boss Mustang, then they got in with 427s and Boss 429. That's what Blackberry vs Apple has become: my car is better than your car, nyah nyah.

  • BB Throwback

This slider, I believe, has patent pending design. This will sell to users who don't think their phone has to play 1080p video quality...

  • me

bb should give up their o.s and just use android . lets face it no matter how hard you try you cannot fare well in the comptetion with android and ios. better to jump on to the bandwagon before you loose a fortune

Anonymous, 05 Aug 2013all people who comments here are immigrants from blachberry, but... moreThat's why you write blachberry and be4

Finallyyyyyyyyyy a BlackBerry 10 slider I have been waiting for this for a long time I have been stuck with the torch 9800. Since BlackBerry 10 came out and I knew they would make a slider

  • Black Xero

Guys, I respect everyone's personal opinion, but let's talk about facts.
1. RIM the smartphone maker, then came apple and snatched the Throne, and then came android which got huge popularity bcoz of its open source.
2. When Mr. Heins came, things were worse than ever. And BB 10 is just a child, but iOS and Android have cultivated from 2007 and 2009 respectively.
3. BB is targetted to Business Class people, even my family uses BB for Business and S4s and iP 5 for personal use.
So its a humble request to all of you to stop comparing BB10 to Green Robot in terms of apps and market share.

  • rebel

AMir.V., 05 Aug 2013Please don't say anything wrong about blackberry if U never had ... moreI like android but I love my first bb, z10 much more

Blackberry, please take out gestures and all these not so fancy things on the phone, simple is in, make it simple so i come back, but make it worth buying. BB10 is no success

The Z10 is definitely not at par with what Android or iOS has to offer.. Don't know if the Z30 will be any different..

But the Q10 is another story.. It caters to a purely business oriented mindset.. I am in B2B and most of the clients have a Q10.. The level of enterprise that the Q10 offers for business users is unparalleled. And that is why it is doing better.. People who buy it do so knowing exactly what it is they want from their phones. Apps etc are not a priority to them. Watching HD videos etc also is not.. But a phone that has zero lag and is extremely fluid with no hangups is definitely top priority for them.. And that's where the Q10 shines..

Its just that it's too small a market for BB to compete with Google or Apple as far as market share goes.

  • The eraman

I guess the z 15 will run bb os 10.2 thats mean it well be able to run androide jelly bean 4.2.2 applications so that phone will beat apple iphone 5 and samsung galaxy s4

  • epos

Never use an BB but I always like slider with physical keyboard, virtual keyboard can never be compared to real buttons. slider offer the best of both world, big screen for visual, button for real feedback, tuck away then not needed. only issue is the thickness.

Hope to see Android offer physical key in the future, Alphanumeric is enough. with phone getting thinner, a physical keyboard won't add too much bulk.

  • dodge

AMir.V., 05 Aug 2013Please don't say anything wrong about blackberry if U never had ... moreI can appreciate personal opinions like any other but to make a statement that android is rubbish is pretty bold considering Q2 shows that android has an 80% market share on all smartphones and blackberry has..... less than 3%.

in my opinion blackberry seems to be trying hard to break through the ever changing market when it comes to smartphones and again in my opinion still have the most secure security on any device but the app store at the moment for me is still left wanting.

and compared to the likes of the iPhone and android os devices is still quite complex for the average user

  • Anonymous

AMir.V., 05 Aug 2013Please don't say anything wrong about blackberry if U never had ... moreall people who comments here are immigrants from blachberry, but me. I never use balckberry be4....

Please don't say anything wrong about blackberry if U never had it.

I had all kind of phones,but I love my BB more than any of them.

Android is rubbish....
iOs is old....all the same...and newer version is for kids!!.....

But all of the blackberry OS's are stylish and made for those want to be different from others.....

Everything is right with it!
Quality of the phone's body.
Quality of the keyboards(for those have it).
Design of phones.(none of them the same!! apple.. ;) )
An OS with all features.
A real complete phone.....I have a 9900 bold and I realy love it.....I want to buy a Q10 and add my bold to my BB collections...

I promise everyone buy BB devices,they won't be dissatisfied...I promise
If they didn't love their customers,they wouldn't design them differently.

  • Anonymous

If only BlackBerry gets the price right then i am getting one.

I think BlackBerry needs to drop its OS and move to Ubuntu. Early adoption of convergence will give them advantage on the market later, so all the today's risks will be well paid off.

  • baliram verma

it`s a gud phone,amazing i want2 be purchase this phone,

  • New BB User

Hard Facts, 05 Aug 2013Most people starting using a phone would say that. - Ohhh its... moreOh and it's not really that fast, especially on some screens there is, in fact, noticeable lag (ie, settings screen). But where it's needed to be quick, such as navigating through the homescreen panels and peeking/switching into your BB Hub, it is flawless!

  • New BB User

Hard Facts, 05 Aug 2013Most people starting using a phone would say that. - Ohhh its... moreI've had so many phones in the past that when I get one these days I'm usually over it in a day, if not hour or two. The Q10, on the other hand, continues to surprise me in the sense that I keep finding quicker and more optimal ways of doing things on it. And my productivity keeps improving the more I use it and become accustomed to the keyboard.

I was pretty quick typing on iOS, but the spell checker kept tripping me up. On android I found letters to be too spaced out and again, had trouble typing quickly AND accurately. I've had an e71 and HTC ChaCha in the past too (hardware keyboards) and while being ok, they weren't much more than that when it came to typing quickly. LOOOOVE typing on the Q10.

As far as apps go on BBWorld in contrast to Android's and iOS' store, yes.. it has WAAAAAY fewer apps available at present. But lets be honest, majority of the apps on Android's Playstore and iOS's store are absolute rubbish and only really offer the intelligent mind a few minutes of entertainment at best.

Anyone considering getting a Q10, I'd highly recommend it, as long as you're happy sacrificing screen space for a keyboard which can take a little while to master. Though, it's something that's well worth the effort, especially if productivity is something you value.