LG G2 manual leaks, reveals nano-SIM and rear unlock button

05 August, 2013
A legit-looking manual of the LG G2 has surfaced revealing much about the upcoming flagship.

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  • sam

You can also find unlock solution for on this video:


  • skyp

G2 will rock and sale but it might not sale as fast as the s4 but it will make a diffirence for lg world wide release it's a good sells strategy lg is learning from it's mistakes.

  • Anonymous

LG has finally changed its marketing strategy! they will release G2 worldwide... as they posted to all LG pages around the world!


Then dont! No 1 asked you to!

  • Rev

Iys a micro sim, fact!

  • meiermanni

Worldst worst update policy, would never buy a 600 from crappy LG.

Philippines, 05 Aug 2013from now on starting today i like lg! i really really want th... moreIf u can't wait, what do u want to do ?

I've had several annoyances with certain buttons. Type the Samsung Jet with the home button in relief, a bit louder, and who insisted on pressing alone. That, by the way, will be even worse! I thought it was a kind of scanner that desbloquearia scroll with the device and increase or decrease the call volume, and scroll through the pages seen in the unit, both documents as Internet. It still has the huge problem of lack of updates!

  • Anonymous

lg has finally shown power with this one it will sell well lg has changed it's marketing strategy lg all the best

  • Philippines

i think this Korean version F320 is slightly thicker @ 8.9mm because of its Traditional Korean phone's ANTENNA lol
i want the International G2!

  • Anonymous

Updates first

  • Philippines

from now on starting today i like lg!
i really really want this phone i need it now!
oh my god ! i can't wait to have this phone....

  • z

why the f*ck they are using nano sim? micro sim is small enough. every time I change phone I have to change sim too

  • Sean

Waiting for this phone

  • Philppines

i want this phone
it very beautiful design.

i like volume /power buttons on the back
easy to use using index Fingers.

removable battery
Expandable memory microSD

Great Job LG!

Lg is getter real good at making phones now, the g2 was b a real success to lg for the use of the unique lock and volume rocker placement!!

  • Anonymous

ralkap, 05 Aug 2013Unlock button at the back, nice nice nice, much easier to unlockUnlock button at the back, bad bad bad, much uneasier to unlock, especially in docking or carkit (own experience with Acer)

LG is getting better. not bad.

Unlock button at the back, nice nice nice, much easier to unlock

Looks more like MicroSIM to me.