LG G2 display leaks a day ahead of announcement

06 August, 2013
The company is holding a big announcement event tomorrow in New York City at 11AM EST.

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Getting excited to have this phone here in the Philippines. The LG Optimus G, Nexus 4 and the Optimus G Pro are all successful here in the Philippines especially for the real tech savvy people out there like me. I still have the HTC One X plus now and still I am deciding whether to get this LG G2 once it is released or should I still try the Optimus G Pro before going with this? The only thing that I am holding back in getting the G Pro before the G2 is because the value of gadgets depletes and so if I am going to wait for the G2 there will be a chance for me to save more but I am loving the way LG made the G Pro. LG is now the best company for me comparing to Samsung, HTC and Sony. LG listens more to their consumers, they have been updating their devices more often now, my mom's Optimus G is now running on 4.1.2 but when she got it it was on ICS and after a month LG updated the device. Their design for their phones are also good, much better than Samsung though I have to admit that some of the devices from LG have been influenced by Samsung and HTC. HTC designs are the best. Sony is the second best when it comes to designs. Now I think Samsung is just the best in marketing strategy but Sony, HTC, I have to include Huawei too and of course LG are far better than Apple and Samsung in many ways now.

now who's copy cat!!!!!! Lg copied the design of its covers from Samsung S covers!!!!! And its so dumb!!!!! Useless lg

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LG G2 Live Streaming on youtube!


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Teeyoo, 07 Aug 2013OMG looks like LG wana learn from samsung..Really...LMFAO...Gimme some of what you have been smoking!!

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Teeyoo, 07 Aug 2013OMG looks like LG wana learn from samsung..LG was the original!
S-view cover was INSPIRED by LG LTE HD'S Smart pouch& cover"

  • Teeyoo

OMG looks like LG wana learn from samsung..

It's not "Optimus G Pro 2". It's LG G2. They already dropped the Optimus name on this one. Making it 'Not' an optimus device.

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Don't speak on behalf of your country like you're the only person living in it. Thanks for your opinion though.

I hope the nexus 5 does not come with this unfortunate button on the back of the device and no glass in the rear!

This G2 definitely step! With physical buttons on the back must be constantly shaking in his pants pocket. I was very interested when I thought it was a kind of touch pad like the Nokia E71, but with a digital scanner. And the "pad" would have the function of the volume knob beyond the call of scrolling of pages of documents and Internet. Not to mention that LG is terrible on updates and never learns. Good bye LG.

  • Jillxz

pratsarolkar, 06 Aug 2013Also poor updates support! Still stuck on gingerbread which is ... moreBut their updates will change. LG will update their phones a lot more now. They are making a real effort to improve in every way and I don't think they will jeopardize this by late updates.

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LG is the new samsung

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pratsarolkar, 06 Aug 2013Also poor updates support! Still stuck on gingerbread which is ... moreyeah my optimus G murders ALL S3s, and the Optimus G Pro 2 will murder the SGS4 just like the xperia Z ultra is

it better not have an amoled panel

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We are waiting for LG G2!
LG,com on BRING this Beautiful G2 in our Beautiful country THE PHILIPPINES!

LG MOBILES is become Popular in our Country today.
because of LG OPTIMUS G and L-II series...

  • skyp

this has now become the most popular lg phone i like lg because they never gave up the fight other flagship failed but optimus G,G pro,nexus 4 have successed even when people wrote lg off lg did not write themselfs off and today they 3rd in the world

pratsarolkar, 06 Aug 2013How can I forget o3d max!!!!! I m regretting a lot. Worst deci... moreAlso poor updates support! Still stuck on gingerbread which is buggy! Won't ever forget LG for this..

Honey badger, 06 Aug 2013Too many leaks n hype for LG's flagship phone,but then they neve... moreHow can I forget o3d max!!!!! I m regretting a lot. Worst decision of my life!

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jonni, 06 Aug 2013Omg.. Lg why u put volume rocker on the back... n the battery ca... more snapdragon 800 is less power consuming,
G2 will have a better batterylife over s4!

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This is a badly photoshoped picture. I'm not getting this phone simply because it has on screen keys, volume rockers at the back and no 3500 battery.