iOS 7 beta 5 is now out for devs, reportedly more stable

06 August, 2013
The latest beta 5 of Apple iOS 7 is now available as an OTA update to developer-registered devices.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2013There's nothing more from Apple. Steve is gone. Macs will lo... moreIt's funny how people like to claim things have all of a sudden changed just because Steve is gone. The screen in the 5 is the only difference. It's still the same illegal evil nasty scam artist company he built up.

Oh yeah and they actually admitted to and apologized for a mistake. A day for history books

yeah, 07 Aug 2013are you a developerNope, i am a software tester...

  • Anonymous

All the stupid gradients in the world can't erase the fact that

A) It's just a 4" phone

B) It basically functions the same way it used to in 2007.

Carry on.

  • Anonymous

There's nothing more from Apple. Steve is gone.

Macs will look the same. iPhones will look the same. Everything will function the same way. Nothing will change.

The entire senior team should've gone with Steve.

If you want innovation you have to look somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

Maybe this update will finally fix the no camera flash and dropped calls many face. Above all maybe fix the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth faded out issue that has been effecting millions of IOS users for about a year now. The one that apple refuses to fix and you have to deal with, jailbreak, or outright by a replacement for if You're not undergarment. What about all the lags that don't exist. What about the fact that some couple year old devices cannot even download apparently like file manager or ChatON because they were not upgraded? Or How almost every IOS device is capable of running nearly all IOS updates save for certain add instead, but even recent devices wont even get a full update. Kinda sad.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2013You are comparing a phone to an OS. You need to stop, you are m... moreI'm pretty sure they just said LG G2 and iPhone. Last i checked those were Both phones. So How is that comparing a phone to an OS? Unless you can enlighten me as to which of those devices counts as an OS?

  • Anonymous

Abdominable, 07 Aug 2013Bashing, provocating and saying that you "hate" a devi... moreThat doesn't apply to apple and IOS. It's a different ball park. It's not the same I like this phone better concept. It's an illegal manipulative company scamming everyone and trying to monopolize everything and steal whatever they get away along the way. IOS is a failed illusion of perfection, apple rips everyone off, Steve was a horrific human being, and to sum it all up millions and millions of people follow them blind believing this illusion.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2013iOS 7. Same shit plus a control center. Excellent. Oh come on! It only took them 2 years and 3 phones to get video recording and to start making a better can. Plus an update after that to include MMS and copy/paste into IOS. That's not so bad.

  • Anonymous

iOS 7. Same shit plus a control center.


  • Anonymous

simo, 07 Aug 2013it gonnna be for 4s or not ????Yes, iOS 7 for iphone 4,4s,5.

  • Anonymous

shbitz, 07 Aug 2013I just saw the LG G2 presentation a minute ago and jesus , Iphon... moreYou are comparing a phone to an OS. You need to stop, you are making a fool of yourself.

If you don't like Apple, or iOS, then when read articles about them?

  • Hamza

When will it be released

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2013the settings app seems ANDROIDish...Well, what do you expect ?, Apple are innovating, Well at least that's what 'they' call it.

I want ios 7 now! Cant wait for this great os.

  • Abdominable

Bashing, provocating and saying that you "hate" a device/Os doesnt help anyone friend, I say lets encourage every smartphone company to keep on innovating, making a better and better devices for US :) Good consumers are the ones that can respect each others choice for a smartphone ;)

  • dasrat rai

gri8 news lot of thanxxx

  • BlaccFace

is it just me or is it taking long periods to send msg, either imsg or normal mms msg from iphone to non iphone device

shbitz, 07 Aug 2013I just saw the LG G2 presentation a minute ago and jesus , Iphon... moreThats why apple releasing new phones next month. If you didnt knew newest iPhone is almost year old.

Aso i dont know ehat you mean by lg launch, i didnt see anything interesting or WOW.

yeah, 07 Aug 2013its the 5th beta... not the 7th..that is iOS 7 beta 5 version

  • mysforu

yeah, 07 Aug 20136 months behind? Where do YOU get your info? Apple always releas... more