Samsung I9507 Galaxy S4 with S600 spotted in GFXBench

14 August, 2013
The Galaxy S4 comes in I9500, I9502, I9505, I9506 versions, it's getting crowded in here.

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  • Anonymous

The i9507 is the LTE TDD currently being ranged in Australia by Optus on their 2300MhZ TDD LTE.

Samsung is exaggerating things. Enough of these numerous versions with no difference which are even causing problems of faking S4 phones. I would propose they get more innovative than all the bs.

  • Anonymous

Oh please guys.. stop b*itching on sammy already.. No one is forcing anyone to buy or like sammy.. all phones are good in their own way..
LG - cheap & good.
SONY - always with looks and class.
HTC - unique & solid
Nokia - works differently (os) still its a phone with good function.
Samsung - performance always. only tech feak would understand.
Apple - just being apple good stuff except for not sharing with others. simply selfish if you ask me. =)
See.. all phone are good.. but which is better?
up to individual users needs and usage. No one else needs to know. comment are for opinions thats all.

  • Where is 64gb?

[deleted post]LG is another one... worse 16/32 in the year 2013? Shame without life support slots.

Is there no "premium" android brand?

Samsung = hiding behind slots and give crap storage options.
LG = Do not even care!! No software support/ No slots

  • Where is 64gb?

[deleted post]OH YEA OPTIONS...

WHERE .. WHERE IS THE 64gb version of this phone???

WHERE?? i SEE NOT, FEEL NOT, its in the air only.

Can i have the option to buy 64gb? No? NO Choice.

All the talk about options is a lie. There is totally no choice in storage.

All are 16gb trash.. some are 8gb trash.. some are even 4gb trash.

Instead of announce 16/32/64.. samsung should announce 4/8/16 instead.

  • Anonymous

even automobiles get crazy options for customization. This is the power of samsung to be able to do this. Good job.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2013What happened with Samsung in Brazil?? Is it true that they were... moreWell it's not the first time...

It's Samsung, not Apple, so it won't get much media scrutiny. It makes it easier for the Samsung fanboys to pretend things like this don't happen to the company they worship.

  • Anonymous

Billy, 14 Aug 2013Regretting converting to sammy already. GS4 is a piece of crapbetter late than never i suppose. I feel all but contempt to all those idiots who recommended me the GS4. It's now on ebay.

  • Anonymous

What happened with Samsung in Brazil?? Is it true that they were using slave labor??? It was on the news just now!

  • Anonymous

WTF to that!

  • zero

Too many s4 are coming out! What are you planning samsung?

  • Anonymous

Another benchmark cheat from Samcheat.

  • Anonymous

If I'm not mistaken, Samsung has released about 9 galaxy S4s. What is this?

  • s44445554

rdb, 14 Aug 2013now note 3 will have atleast 12versions note 3 will break the s... moreyou are wrong.they will made more like 9508,9509,9510...................9599.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2013what are you trying to say? its easy to go on top if you have al... moreHave you seen Sony's marketing budget? Samsung's rise also goes along pretty well with the increase of there marketing spend.

  • Anonymous

Ayans, 14 Aug 2013Samsung Give it a rest already - we have seen enough of your S4 ... moreHow else are they supposed to sell 100 mil S4s? Rename everything as S4 and bam problem solved.

  • Xtra.Bravo

sammy, why you dont called this is S5, event s3 & s4 have no different only on processor....Lol

  • Scout

Who cares about Samsung benchmark tests?

  • scanner78

Billy, 14 Aug 2013Regretting converting to sammy already. GS4 is a piece of crapdont buy....

Samsung Give it a rest already - we have seen enough of your S4 this and S4 that - this time instead of coming with same model number and almost same specs - do come with Innovation. And top of all stop making Crap -