Gartner: smartphones outsell featurephones thanks to Android

14 August, 2013
Smartphone sales in Q2 2013 grew to 225 million units shipped compared to 210 million featurephones.

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  • Jillxz

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2013True.. Some task is not for phones. True , but the carriers still charge for data on those phones.

N8N900PV, 15 Aug 2013So Windows Phone after three years have little more market share... moreSo? android at 3 year of development was also at 3% then can ginger butter which every one ate

Ronny, 15 Aug 2013Have you used s4 for yourself? Or just trolling based on your in... moreif you are s4 (usa) user than you will have the downgraded 4 core version which is quit fluid.
but s4 octa core somethime get confused which core to use. i will do some more test on it and will post in android central. stay tuned

Zahid Hasan, 15 Aug 2013lol, use S4 first, then comment here. I am not saying my S4 neve... morehmmm first go and use s4 your self you can serch my clips on youtube where i recoded lags and found the reason. s4 is just a chunk and a small size note 2 thats all. all so called unique software can be downloaded to other droids too

  • Anonymous

Raker, 15 Aug 2013so how an iphone is a feature phone?iOS has no multitasking (of the true variety), no file manager, no app integration, it's just an app launcher. Almost any featurephone can do this without breaking the bank.

  • N8N900PV

So Windows Phone after three years have little more market share then Samsung experiment Bada ? :D Windwos Mobile had a ~ 10-12% World market share and http://boygeniusreport.files.w...11.jpg?w=942
40% in USA, where is now WP ?! Elop - Ofc Symbian has losing customers but even for last year Symbian still outsold all of Lumia Windows Phone. Nokia sell more Lumia then last year but without Symbian total sales is lower.

Stéphane Richard, the CEO of France Télécom:
" “The Nokia family in my opinion is nice, but there is no ‘wow’ effect,” Richard said. “When you have a market with very steady players like Apple and Samsung, you need to have a ‘wow’ effect.”

He added that although the telecoms are praying for someone to break the duopoly of Android and iOS, the market is becoming very crowded. Apart from Windows Phone there’s also Mozilla, Blackberry and Sailfish that are trying to become major players in the market. Not all of them will survive, he said: “There will probably not be room for everyone.”"

So MS and Elop where is wow effect ? :> Maybe some time Fierfox OS will have 2-3%, comparing it with great "Microsoft", millions of dollars on marketing 3-4% after three years is not impressed. Maybe Microsoft does not care abut that coz still have a whole range of products, has other problems like Windows 8, RT, Xbox. But for Nokia it's a matter of life, it is a question to be or not to be. Choice of the WP was stupid ? Not if Nokia would have some alternative like MeeGo (eveloped together with others) or Android etc. Nokia even with 80% in WP is not able to break through the first five smartphone producers, was it worth it?
Elop said that it was too late but what else could he say if he have previously worked for MS ?! Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei can but not Nokia, even Alcatel came so late but better than then do nothing. Where's Nokia phones with Qwerty, dual sim, increased resistance, competitor to Galaxy Note ? Nokia would have hands tied in Android, on WP have the same or even more, so it's best to work in both markets. People who have Symbian chosen later Android not WP - philosophy and construction of this system is not acceptable to many people (is not even about the number of apps).
Even if WP become so "strong" with 7-10% and Nokia will be 4-6th producer in the world it will be NOT success. Not for someone who has 10-12% market share (WM) and 40% in USA, not for someone who has been a market leader like Nokia.

Gargamel, 14 Aug 2013Looks like Nokia is doing ok. With 90% of the WP market, they se... moreI also don't see any point in Nokia making Android phones. They should improve their OS more and more so that WPs can compete equally with android. End Result? Companies will be more innovative, People have more choices over their smartphones :)

davidcs, 14 Aug 2013It's the price you pay to have a basic smartphone that, although... moreWell said

I255B, 14 Aug 2013$150 i can get Chinese android with good spec Quadcore mediatek... moreAre you sure? Cause I saw otherwise with my colleague's Symphony W150 (Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean
4.7” IPS HD 1280*720, Camera:8 MP+2 MP, 1.2 GHz Quad Core), RAM 1 GB) which is only $160 and looks gorgeous (Also the screen). It can do many things. But when you compare the user experience with other brands like HTC, Samsung, iPhone you can easily see the differences.

  • 3illz

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2013Doesn't matter what you think, but i am not a fanboy of any comp... moreYou guys are just jealous of Android. Apple is so Boring. My Sony xperia SL doesn't lag at all. I've got cool games and apps all for free. Unlike like apple where every damn thing is for sale.

Raker, 14 Aug 2013you call android good. every company use it because its free. IT... morelol, use S4 first, then comment here. I am not saying my S4 never lags, but it lags occasionally, definitely tolerable compared to so many useful features at can offer. And don't tell me that other mobile OS's don't lag cause that would be plain lies. They all lag more or less (Some cover it with animation and some cover it with other ways).

Even PC operating system lags occasionally. When you click a program , does it run immediately. Some small program can, but there are many programs which take some time to launch. So, why people blame only android for the lag responsibility!!! Lag is present in all OS's (admit it or not).

  • Ronny

Raker, 14 Aug 2013you call android good. every company use it because its free. IT... moreHave you used s4 for yourself? Or just trolling based on your intellectual assumptions. :)

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2013Well, in this case all Apple phones are featurephones, so the qu... moreso how an iphone is a feature phone?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2013Says a lot about the 920, it's not really "there" yet,... moreAnd why is a phone better than a PC in any way except portability? A phone's usability is truly abysmal compared to a computer. And the OS is far worse than Windows or its equivalents.

  • Anonymous

Raker, 14 Aug 2013USELESS data half of those android phone are feature phone. Andr... moreWell, in this case all Apple phones are featurephones, so the quota of smartphones is less than 50%.

MdN, 14 Aug 2013630000 Symbian phones sold. Not bad for a "dead" OS. I... moreI have a n8 and i still use it, there are still many symbian user

630000 Symbian phones sold. Not bad for a "dead" OS. It's definitely not for ordinary people, as a comment below said, or for people who get a headache if they see too many letters at once, but it suits my needs perfectly (probably because I'm no ordinary person, will spare you the details) so I wouldn't trade my Symbian phone for almost any 2013 iDroid8 phone (and yes, I tried them).

android the best os

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2013I don't want to remember that old symbian days .I always have p... moreyou call android good. every company use it because its free. ITS LAGS AND HANGS LIKE NONE. look at s4 it cant even decide which core to use in its 8 core and get hanged till death

USELESS data half of those android phone are feature phone. Android dosent always means smartphone gsmarena should review the article again.