HTC launches Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5 update for the One X

19 August, 2013
The update is available for the European version of the HTC One X and requires a 380MB download.

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  • Jeff

help, 11 Nov 2013im using htc one x frm philippines my 4.0 cnt update to 4.2 :(Same issue.. Till now

  • ABiR

great update. my reckon you should go htc one x. bcz its a great phone. with sense 5 make it even greater.i'm pick it for its build quality. its nice to handle and its the most sexies, craziest device i have ever used. 1.5 yrs used. no leaks at all. its perform same lyk when i purchesed it. amazing phone and build quality...

Rio, 05 Oct 2013Htc one x update cid base and ur device at&t cid dont know b... moreBro mine is HTC__J15 same prob as Rio

  • shravan

I m trying to update my HTC one x with 4.2.2 ,but I couldn't update it can I update my phone

  • ghana

i got my update three days ago on my one x,so i tried upgrading after finishing the download and about to install i got this popup saying it is corrupted,so i should try downloading it again.i ve tried like five time but still the same problem.any help?

i'm from iran...

my 1x+ details is: build: 707 n' cid: HTC_044

when can am i update my device?

  • Madyar

i'm in iran n' my 1x+ details is: build 707 n' CID: HTC_044

when can am i update my device?

ravi, 06 Nov 2013I updated HTC One x and no doubt that HTC phone is awesome. No o... moreCan u tell me how u update because m not getting update while searching update I have unlock my at&t HTC one x do I need to factory rest setting

  • kaustubh

Hey m from India I have taken my at&t HTC one x from California and I unlocked it but knw I want to update and m searching update update is not showing.what should I do update my mobile should I factory reset setting ?plz rply need ur help

  • help

im using htc one x frm philippines my 4.0 cnt update to 4.2 :(

  • ravi

I updated HTC One x and no doubt that HTC phone is awesome. No one should worry if back is not taken before update as Update is very easy without disturbing any on files, contacts on phone.
Its better than Samsung phones.

I can't understand what kind of problems ur facing with ur device and ur the only one person who has reported such severe issues..I reset my phone after that I didn't find any issues with my hox and it also solved the folder disappearing issues..if u have rooted ur phone then u will be facing issues....but so far no one is having any issues with hox including me....update is awesome multitasking improved love sense 5 with 4.2.2
Love u HTC

  • Prashant

I just updated my HTC one X + with sense 5. Want to say that I am not facing any problems after update. Now it is much better than before. Battery life same. Outlook is totally changed. It's a msg to all those people who face some problems after update plz visit to your nearest service center.

  • Anonymous

jothipriya, 08 Oct 2013when i tried to download a message saying "this update is c... moreNope I just upgrade through WiFi check your connectivity is good n make some space of 500 mb while Download is in progress it is highly recommended do not use your device keep it away

  • shashank

Oh, and btw if in case anyone goes through the same capacitive button issue (the bottom 3 buttons), don't spend those 10k on the front panel replacement yet...rather download this app called button savior (free) or the pro version for about 100 rupees. No point spending 10k now and then selling this device for just 10k. I'd give it to my dog to Olay piano on it rather :-D.

  • Shashank

abhi161289, 10 Oct 2013Dude backup all ur data contacts and applications too ,it's very... moreYes, I figured it out and even went for a hard reset. Not because of the folder though...I have a bigger problem to tackle-my capacitive buttons stopped responding all o'sudden. Though I speculated it to be a h/w issue, still wanted to give it a try considering the device ain't under warranty :-P. And while still in the hard reset process somehow my intuition about the following two things also cleared up :

1. It doesn't solve the folder mess issue. HTC says it's a s/w glitch and they'll TRY to release a patch for it.

2. It doesn't solve the capacitive buttons issue. The buttons have gone for a toss. For no reasons whatsoever!

How badly I want to slap this phone on HTCs face is not even funny. My device is protected by Zagg complete protection and to top it all...there is a SEIDIOs top of the line guard with holster. All feckin imported 100% duty paid. Only if someone could explain why the device would still have a faulty button without any physical damage. Electronics! Ah!

To make it worst, there ain't any decent device out there to buy as a replacement, esocially for someone like me who hates the Korean devices and don't wish to submitt to the Americans. Hopefully I'll find a better device. But whether HTC, I doubt.

  • shaheer

im in pakistan
still no update for me!

shashank, 09 Oct 2013Hey Abhi...did the factory reset solve the folder problem for yo... moreDude backup all ur data contacts and applications too ,it's very easy download my backup pro from or u can download app data backup from play's all free and very simple to use..but when u do a factory reset u have to reset only the internal memory only of ur phone ur pics and vids won't be deleted only apps will be deleted and after the reset process u can once again install ur apps which u backed up in ur ext memeory which is in ur hox..

  • Gerold

Im here in the philippines.. and using HTC one x unlocked from vodafone AU... 4.2 has been released like 2 weeks ago... but still has no updates yet... do i need to wait for vodafone to release it's version?

  • MME

Hey Guys
any news about the update for the CID J15 ?!!!
till now we are still waiting :)