HTC One Max leaks again, shows its fingerprint scanner

19 August, 2013
According to the latest batch of rumors, the HTC One Max will be released in the end of October.

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  • seth

I know this isn't the production model so I won't criticize the looks of the fingerprint scanner yet. Hopefully they will tint the glass or find some other way of hiding it. I also don't care much about the fingerprint scanner but other functionality like scroll would be cool.

LG saw HOW TO DO! I hope this scanner income also function scrollbar on pages of documents, internet and increase or decrease the sound in calls answered.

You will see a better HTC 'Two' next year when HTC launches its annual flagship device. Usually March-April release.

  • HTC One II

They could better make ant new HTC with normal screen 4.7... Cause im at skool and if someone saw with that bulky phone 5.9 they will laugh at me

  • Smartphone

HTC always give surprises to smartphone features! More usability and great for everyday use, rather than only the gimmicks from S.

  • Russ


You're right. Nothing in *this world is perfect.

  • fudge_voila

at the end of their "here's to change" campaign i heard a sentence about -its people like you who make the change- its hillarious. Really? HTC? i think you realize now that pulling something like sensation prank three month later with beats headset doesnt get you the money that you wanted. (yes I'm still sulking about it, and yes I'm still keeping my money away from htc)

  • Netkrow

Like it and can't wait. Want an HTC one but something a bit more phablet like so this is perfect. Don't care if the scanner is IR or FP... doesn't matter to me. Plus I have a job and time to save money which is good since it will surely be outrageously priced. Really want that "I had it first" factor so i have to buy it right away lqtm. Its gonna be a BAMF for sure though!

  • Anonymous

Just wow. Very nice design.

Hey ppl can ya'll stop criticising each and every phone which comes out , each and every phone has its ups and down , remember noting in dis world is perfect .

  • brnare

well i don't know why they are doing this.. i just want an HTC Butterfly S dressed on One's premium chassis..

  • Kaka, Cambodian

htc has complicated names, it's confusing... as bad as Samsung. iPhone is the best, easy to recognize and remember.

  • Parth Joshi

It will be a trackpad plus a fingerprint sensor, considering the size of the device.

Wow!! I can't believe you people are acting like this is new tech, remember Motorola Atrix had this features back in 2011.

  • Anonymous

Nice! I believe S5 will have fingerprint sensor soon since its competitors are doing it.

  • Wicked

HTC without beats is a must buy phone :-)

dj, 19 Aug 2013Not a fingerprint reader its for the ir blaster since its not on... moreif iphone used the home button to do so.. that doesn't means that HTC shoud use it too

  • dj

Not a fingerprint reader its for the ir blaster since its not on the power button

  • Anonymous

asta lavista , 19 Aug 2013shame on you , now te HTC One dont have beats logo but still the... moreThe faster they move away from scam artists beats the better

why wud i need no needed fingerprint ..?