Sony Honami press shot leaks, to be called Xperia Z1

20 August, 2013
The phone is expected to be announced on September 4 and will be available in three colors.

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  • Anonymous

Owsun phone I like that .how muc prise

well i guess i'm still gonna buy Z Ultra than Honami.. Because i rarely use a camera, but i usually use it to watch hd movies, listening music, browsing and gaming..

mazerius1st, 22 Aug 2013But do not forget that the lens in Lumia 1020 is actually 5 MP a... moreLOL!!you are just spreading wrong information......fisrt,lens has nothing to do with mp....,second,1020 has 41mp SENSOR,it oversamples the images of 39mp from the sensor to produce virtually noise free images by phone standards..there is no way it will defeat 1020,but that is the case only in camera department,honami wins every other way,not in camera.......

Billydf, 22 Aug 2013as sony user i believe lumia 1020 and pureview 808 still better ... moreBut do not forget that the lens in Lumia 1020 is actually 5 MP and with supersampling creates the 40 MP photos. While on the other hand Sony has a long history in photography so the lens in Honami might be an actual 20.7 MP one.

as sony user i believe lumia 1020 and pureview 808 still better than honami since nokia put all effort to make lumia have the best camera and nokia knows that they cannot win if they still count on windows.

i hope sony fans will realize that this is the first year sony mobile controls everything. maybe next year sony will bring more awesome phone.

but if honami mini will be release together with honami, then it will be the most anticipating phone just like gsm arena whish

  • LP

What if Sony's going to release two mobile phones at the same time and the above leaked information is just about the other device??? and information about Honamy was never leaked??? Really hope Sony would do that kind of a surprise.

  • JahCre

I really hope this have xenon flash.Everyone
saying it doesn't have because of leaked
pics.They believe the pics are exactly how
the phone gonna look.Well ppl the pics cud
be wrong n the xperia z1 cud have xenon
+led.Hope Sony does this on the best
cellphone for 2013!Sony is my brand of
choice.I'm not a fanatic to bash other
brands like some mindless ppl who
comment do.Just to big up good tech from
good companies!Sony currently is on fire
with some really impressive mobile
phones.Hope it really have xenon+led&be
the best camera phone out there!Cannot
wait for September 4th for Sony
announcement&to see what Samsung bring
in the note 3.Samsung gotta come good to
beat xperia z ultra&other phablets that's
coming for it.Sony Rules!!!Haters gonna

  • pruthviknarendra

khaleeq, 21 Aug 2013i want this now looking to whom i sell my xperia Zfo hw much u gonna sell ua z

  • LP

tomakali, 21 Aug 2013So you think that Sony Honami or whatever gonna beat Lumia 1020?... moreHonami wont't beat lumia's camera as it features a much smaller camera sensor with lots of megapixels crammed into But in every other aspect it will beat the lumia

  • Nonoroar

There's just no way you can fit a decent Xenon flash, or even a better sensor on such a slim case. The phone may be great, but don't expect better than average image quality.

  • khaleeq

i want this now looking to whom i sell my xperia Z

Anonymous, 21 Aug 201320mp cyber-shot with Bionz processor, triluminos display for be... moreI believe they meant in camera quality as this was supposed to be camera centric phone,but as it turns out it is just another flagship in the spec race.....

  • rathod gopal

no,, very smart phone and high qwalaty,,,,,

  • Anonymous

20mp cyber-shot with Bionz processor,
triluminos display for better viewing angle,
water resistant,
beautiful design,
oh shit, it will beat that cheap plastic crap!
And that bulky phone!

  • tomakali

So you think that Sony Honami or whatever gonna beat Lumia 1020? SERIOUSLY???

  • Amir

keroro, 21 Aug 2013dude, you should check his post in earlier comment pages. let me... morei will qoute myself from my previous reply just for you cause i guess you don't know how to scroll down with the mouse: "i guess i didn't make myself clear. i'm not saying honami dosen't have any flash, i'm just saying i don't see any XENON flash, understood? i can see CLEARLY the led flash down the camera eye - that circle which looks like LED flash to me, but i don't see anything else that looks like xenon flash, be it reclangular or in any other shape. that spot right to the camera to my eyes look like the "G" branding, and if you claim different then you need to prove it. i don't think i can make myself clearer then this. i hope you all are right and honami will haveboth led flash AND xenon flash, cause i think of buying the device." end of qoute. ALL the latest leaks reveal that honami will ONLY have LED flash - face reality.

  • Anonymous

Where's the xenon flash on the pictures? This one looks exactly like the Xperia Z. Maybe it is the Xperia Z. If Honami has a 1/2.3" sensor size then it is definitely sure it can't beat Nokia Lumia 1020 or 808 PureView in terms of photography. Goodluck Sony. Please put a 1" sensor size or a 1/1.2" sensor size and a powerful Xenon flash. Come on.

  • Anonymous

zaza, 20 Aug 2013plz sony try to make the voice of that phone more higher of xper... morez1 has 1 big speaker at the bottom.

  • Hackz

I would probably sell my XZ for this one..

Jati Royat, 21 Aug 2013hmmm.. between z ultra and z1.. which one should i buy..what a nonsense question?? if u like a phablet go for Z ultra while if u need a smartphone go for Z1 n if u wanna go for mini smartphones, go for Z1 mini...