Sony Xperia Honami Mini photo sizes it up against BlackBerry Q10

25 August, 2013
The phone is very compact, less than 110mm tall, perhaps too small for a 4.3" screen to even fit there.

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  • gbla

4.5 inch would be nice

  • USA

what about with Sony Xperia Z1 mini please.... ?????

4th september has gone but no clue about this device , how much we have 2 wait to know about its existence. z1 mini or some new flagship from sony whats the truth

  • phuddu

karim, 26 Aug 2013dis phone seems very handy with 4.3'' screen...i will get as soo... moreNice karim

  • Honami mini

will break all records of cell if it contains Snapdragon 800 chip :), but if it contains Snapdragon 600 there will be no sale as expected :((

  • Albania Sony fans

Dear Sony are anxiously awaiting the Sony Xperia Honami Z1 mini, 4 September come soon

If this is True, I think z1 mini might bring history on their company.. Better to prepare Sony for a flooded demand on this phone.. This one is great.. I will not hesitate to buy it if it comes.. :)

  • Edward

Don't go smaller than 4.3 otherwise the screen is too small for the snapdragon 800. And then it is too small to appreciate. And then I probably won't get one anymore. Otherwise take the whole market and bring out a 4.3" and a 4" mini. Then there is a phone for everyone

well, i think many people will buy this honami mini..

  • John

Yes YO everyone think like you :)))

  • YO

Sony Honami Mini with rumored specs and Low cost, I bealive all rekorded can break its current best-selling phones:
1.Display.- 4 or 4.3 inch, Triluminos, IP57 certified
2.Memory.- 2GB Ram
3.Camera.- 16 or 20 MP
4.Chipset.- Snapdragon 800
5.Battery.- 2400mah

  • Anonymous

lalala, 25 Aug 2013wtf? 4.3 or 4 - its mini? 3.7 or less is mini. and you all say ... moreThis is so because smartphones were a lot bulkier in the past (more bezel, less screen, less resolution). That's assuming we're talking somewhere about 2009/2010. Mid/Late 2011 a 4.2 inch phone was easily a flagship phone (ex. Xperia Arc) and then the Galaxy Nexus with its even bigger display continued the big screen race.

  • Anonymous

If it is really this small, i will buy it for sure.

  • Wthor

karim, 26 Aug 2013dis phone seems very handy with 4.3'' screen...i will get as soo... more4.3inch screen will be a tight fit

  • Wthor

Now if this is the size the specs are better then the Xperia Ray, I will be ordering one when they are available!!!

  • Sony fans

Sony fans waiting Triluminos Displey ??????

  • forid

So nice.

Thedroidguy, 26 Aug 2013Actually i was thinking of buying Xperia ZR this week, but this ... moreIf rumours are true the difference in specs are quite large in favor of Z1 mini if rumors are true ofcourse.
Get the mini,it might also have better and faster updates.

  • Anonymous

This must be borderless.

  • Anonymous

Before Xperia z was released xperia Philippines already rumored the mass production of 4.3" triluminus panel. This must be it.