Upcoming Oppo N1 leaks though new images

26 August, 2013
The images show the svelte front of the device although the touch sensitive back remains a mystery.

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  • Bailey

Anonymous, 28 Aug 2013Looks ok, but will it beat my Nokia 6233?!Sorry what year was your phone?

  • AndRoms

Paul van Tonder, 27 Aug 2013What i dont get is how a company called Oppo which not many peop... moreBecause Oppo have made products like blue-ray players before but ubuntu just has an opertion system!

  • Anonymous

Looks ok, but will it beat my Nokia 6233?!

What i dont get is how a company called Oppo which not many people have heard of can launch something so cool and fresh...but Ubuntu cannot launch the Edge?

What is this...

it's very nice !!!! what about display ?????

this is one sexy phone

  • JLO

That is one sexy phone!

  • OPPO

Have been watching stupid comments for over a year here. I'd LOL all the time.

Lumia copy? any phone with USB port and microphone jack at the bottom is Lumia?

G2 copy? physical button and touchpad are two different things, come on. It's like mouse with scroll wheel and Apple Magic mouse.

I do agree their software support sucks, but hey, LG isn't better with the firmwarm update. My LG will not get a JB update.

  • Anonymous

This Chinese company loves to copy. Nokia 925 copy. Shame.

  • De_Mola

iOcean X7 Clone.

ahC, 26 Aug 2013Yeah this will not beat L1020 or even Sgs4 Zoomthis will beat all the phones on software updates...

  • human

Looks like lumia 928

Hey!!what about that attractive back!! We're waiting......

  • syas

Aye this is lumia I want

  • Anonymous

key buttons on the back is trending.................

well done LG G2!

  • ahC

Yeah this will not beat L1020 or even Sgs4 Zoom

  • Anonymous

Motorola has done the back touch things 3 years ago, and it was a failure.
i wonder if Huawei could do better...

  • Anonymous

One more candidate to replacing my xperia z

  • TecharT

Is this phone design by porsche design ?
clock font is porsche font !!!

  • abbi

looking very nice