Cheaper Galaxy Note III with LCD and 8MP cam is in the works

30 August, 2013
Korean rumors suggest Samsung will launch the Note III with LCD screen and 8MP camera in some markets.

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  • Anonymous

I thought the cameras were 13mp not 8mp?
The note II has the 8mp and the Note III supposedly had the 13mp

if the cheaper one is the same dimension and same design with the premium one, then the premium note 3 will not be exclusive smartphones anymore..

  • Goofy

Yes, Samsung is most popular with its multi Choice gadgets for universal cunsumers.
Not only 2, but atleast 3-4 versions of world most poupular Galaxy Note III is welcome.

  • Xiaomi

Just waiting for xiami mi3..half the price but with killer specs!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2013you're talking as if another certain company hasn't made THE EXA... moreTotally agree with you on there being barely any visual changes in the models of the other company...still, there is only 1 phone across different generations....

With Samsung, they flood the market with multiple devices (Galaxy Grand, Grand Quattro, Galaxy Core to name a few lookalikes) looking almost the same, which takes away the EXCLUSIVITY of having a premium model.

Having a similar design language is fine...having the same design for multiple (excessive and redundant at times) phones across the price range is not...maybe good for sales but hurts the brand premium factor.

  • hamza khattak

guys u all juxt hate why samsung cell phones so popular,,,,samsung have best best best thinking,,,,,look note 2 was not have market like s3 or other sell phones,,,,now they are targeting students nd mid range peoples,,,,samsung have good thnking in businus,,,,nd for u all guys just see how much will be note 3 popular

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2013which 1 will be better note 2 or note 3???depending how much do you want to spend $$$ and what you want to use for.. CPU= dual cores, quode cores or Octa cores ?

  • Anonymous

Ares, 31 Aug 2013The main problem is that the cheaper Note III will look almost s... moreyou're talking as if another certain company hasn't made THE EXACT SAME PHONE since version 4

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2013which 1 will be better note 2 or note 3???That's the most obvious question one would ask. Tell me something, if someone is working on an upgraded version of something and name it as a successor of it's old model. Will it be a downgrade to that model? In an easy way, is 2 is greater than 3? Less than 3? or Equal to 3?

Answer yourself. You can do it.....

  • Anonymous

which 1 will be better note 2 or note 3???

  • gajen

Ha ha ha this is a note 3 or karbon titanium s5?????? Samsung just do diff .lots of acceptation from u r side and kindly 4.2.2 update in note 2 u peoples just forgot the note 2 cuatomers ?????

as the article saud...ch0ice

  • brando

i think its better to go on S4 OR NOTE 3...

  • Ares

The main problem is that the cheaper Note III will look almost similar to the premium model...which is a problem with all of Samsung phone...there is brand identity but the customer loses the appeal of people recognizing their device especially when it is a premium model.
I have a S3 but it's sad to see hordes of other Galaxy and Grand lower end phones that look exactly alike!

[deleted post]It is Note 2

  • nJam

This model will be for the people who wants S-pen and features like air gestures in cheap price.......... i think so :P

  • hami

sandhu, 30 Aug 2013samsung suc*swhy are you saying like that

Ronak, 30 Aug 2013I do not understand this strategy. Note is a premium brand in Sa... moreI agree with you in that except losing customers; samsung by that winning no losing because many of customers who can't afford the (old) price can now afford it (DO YOU UNDERSTAND;ITS BUSINESS)

  • tom

Sony Xperia Z Ultra... bye bye Samsung Note

  • Anonymous

lilrick96, 30 Aug 2013If Samsung could just take a year off of amoled and work on it t... moreThat's funny i haven't seen any display beats amoled to date. SAMOLED whoops the floor with lcd IPS.