Snapdragon 800-packing Galaxy S4 I9506 rocks GFX Bench

10 September, 2013
The Samsung Galaxy S4 I9506 is poised to be the Snapdragon 800 for international markets.

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I didn't fully believe this benchmark since there is news like this

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2013I bought all the variants of galaxy s4 including active. I cant ... moreYou must be kidding, fanboy.. You bought all the version for what? Collections? Or you wanna build samsung museum? Next time, please make a better joke..

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iPhone 5S: Egypt HD 2.5 test Offscrean 1080p - 56 fps

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  • Ronny

Bluto, 11 Sep 2013This is just high on benchmark and low on user experience. Since... more
1) If you don't like TouchWiz, switch to different launchers such as Nova or Apex and they perform much better than those HTC Sense UI as well. And how is the user experience worst than Snapdragons? Check for yourself:

2)You should also educate yourself than most OEMS (including PC vendors) do tweak their softwares/kernel to produce best results of their hardware capabilities. In this case, they made the Octa core to display maximum GPU clockspeed of 533Mhz (not more) so that it yields stable results in benchmarking. Also note that GPU jumps to highest frequency occasionally for other apps such S Browser, Gallery, Camera, and the Video Player. The reason why it was kept low at 480Mhz is to save battery and reduce load on the GPU. It is called cheating if they overclocked it higher than 533Mhz solely for benchmarking apps, which is not the case.

3) About online trolling, I don't really care actually. None of these companies going to win noble prize by the way and it is foolish to think if they all are clean.

  • Bluto

This is just high on benchmark and low on user experience. Since it has Touchwiz, it will definitely lag no matter what. And higher benchmark doesn't translate to better smooth performance. You should know Samsung phones cheats in benchmarks, like the octa core variant of Samsung Galaxy S4. Here's a link which states that Samsung pays people to troll and praise their products

Samsung is the KING
Iphone Sucks

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Gorgenapper, 10 Sep 2013Agreed, these benchmarks were most likely from Benchmark Booster... morewhat ever keeps your raisins from shrinking...

This is the super phone of the year. 3 times better than latest iphone5s!!! Samsung is the KING

  • Joe777

jeanpierre, 10 Sep 2013So many S4 versions but none with the perfect spec,the perfect S... morecouldn't agree more

Shamesung cheated in benchmarks, there is no point in posting benchmarks from Samsung

  • jani

This is good,but i waiting more new innovation (design,...) and better camera (component,...)!.

So, we cannot experience that sgs4 with S800 here in U S soil. Samsung you better bring it here too, that one I've long waiting for. Our else waiting for sgs5 next year. Thank you anyway!

Nephylim, 10 Sep 2013Naaaa Note 3 > Z1 FACT !!Nope, you are missing the point here, they are different class of phones with different sizes, functionality and price points.

sahbi sidhu, 10 Sep 2013and Z1 has both capabalities water proof and camera centric in o... moreWell I agree with what you are saying about the Z1 I personally think it is a very well balanced phone, in fact more than any other phone but then again it comes down to priorities and pricing. If you make a Jack of all trades it just targets a certain segment, I will explain how. For some people its not as important to get a water proof phone and so such a feature is not value addition for them however they might be more sensitive to the design of the phone which gets limited when you make a water proof phone. Then there are people who dont care about a camera centric phone and so the camera centric features are not of interest for them. Sony in attempt to make such a phone cant still match the optical zoom of a cameracentric phone which is of prime importance to people who want phones with better camera. And lastly the 3000mah battery is a clear added advantage over an s4 however when using a 20.7MP camera vs 13 MP camera the phone will actually last about the same. But if you ask me which phone I will buy between s4 or z1, I think I will go for sony, despite the fact that I know that z1 is gonna have a shitty display compared to s4 and the bezels and the weight of the phone is more than s4. But I find this compromise worth it for the reason that I am getting a 20.7 MP camera with 3000mah battery and water proofing

Wazzi, 10 Sep 2013Actually there can not be a jack of all trades and all these S4s... morethat's so true bro

  • 7Nations

Wazzi, 10 Sep 2013Actually there can not be a jack of all trades and all these S4s... morethat's so true Samsung is smart that's why you have so many variant of the galaxy phones, beside its business as usual (the s 5 soon drop and to all haters of the brand Samsung will quiver in there boots and run for shelter, because that will be a global epidemic ha ha ha ah) bud.

ahC, 10 Sep 2013Doctored benchmarks no thanks SammyAgreed, these benchmarks were most likely from Benchmark Booster that Anandtech found. Why would it post a 26 score while the similarly equipped G2 posted 22?

Nephylim, 10 Sep 2013Naaaa Note 3 > Z1 FACT !!whats better in note 3 ???
nothing na...

or may be plastic ??