Meizu: Software update to enable true-octa core on all Exynos 5s

11 September, 2013
Meizu claims a software update can unlock the true-octa core functionality of current generation Exynos chipsets.

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I do hope that samsung does something about this.... but if samsung wont do anything, following meizu s path... some devloper on xdadevelopers will..... and thus I m pretty hopeful dat haplens in the nearest future.... so dat my dr. banner transforms into hulk... cuz I dont care for battry... all I care is for power... raw ultimate power...

  • homeless boy

Man... rather than speaking like steve jobs wanna be... then the hell with it..

The best thing u can do... tell shin jk or what eva the name is... and that god damn tim cook.... say what eva u want and make sure... u guys wet their pants off.. and see what they really can do.. rather than u guys speak but nothing that god damn sammy and apple bites bad ass close their eyes and ear off like nothing happen... PEOPLE,ITS TIME TO WAKE UP... TALK LESS DO MORE....

  • thefearfulsilence

too late, 12 Sep 2013it is how "HARD" samsung to convince the public on OCT... moreWhere do you get the idea that Samsung promised 8X the performance out of the 8 cores? I never saw that in any of their advertising literature here in the UK?

The question I would ask is - if it turns out that it really has been possible to use all 8 cores since the beginning, then why did Samsung not enable this feature in the first place?

We will fight the lies, the lie Android still does a lags.
Jelly bean is 4.1 and is what all touchWhiz is based on. Jelly bean is described in reviews as "buttery smooth". With forced 60Hz and Triple buffering lag is a lie!! It is not still 2008...... so stop bringing it up.

Lets show our support for Meizu in selecting the best chips to power their phones. Go Samsung.

Jealous people know
8x cores vs x2 old cores in iOS and WP

400% raw processing power in clock per clock.

Android is still 3 years ahead of old OS's
with slow 2 cores LOL.

We will support 10 cores for 2014! We are asking soon.
We know you will deliver Samsung.

troller, 12 Sep 2013Waiting for a software update for my Galaxy S4 Gt-19500. It will... moreAlso if not done correctly it'll "blow out" the battery consuption too :).

  • Anonymous

Very tempted to sell my i9505 for a 9500 right now.

  • ABD

hnmn, 12 Sep 2013Then tell samsung to do it so... easy isn't?Why do you think then that most of the i7's have more then 4 logical processors because having more cores allows you to shutdown some cores and improve battery life

  • hnmn

too late, 12 Sep 2013it is how "HARD" samsung to convince the public on OCT... moreThen tell samsung to do it so... easy isn't?

  • Anonymous

Its not broken , don't call it "Fixing". Using all 8 cores at once will be wastage of power

  • hnmn

too late, 12 Sep 2013it is how "HARD" samsung to convince the public on OCT... moreThen tell samsung to do it so... easy isn't?

  • troller

Waiting for a software update for my Galaxy S4 Gt-19500. It will blow out all the snapdragons from the competition. I hope Samsung to release this update very soon.

  • Anonymous

faisal, 12 Sep 2013This may compromise the battery performance of the smart phones.... moreActually it overall did perform better. The S600 was more battery efficient though....As expected as comparing years developed A-9's to newer A-15

  • tukull

can't imagine the heat while playing games....

  • faisal

This may compromise the battery performance of the smart phones. big.LITTLE technology promised the better battery performance but it did not performed well as compared to snapdragon i.o. exynos 5 vs s600.

it is how "HARD" samsung to convince the public on OCTA-CORE marketing strategy...and...["its too late already"]... people...who understand....ELECTRONIC and COMPUTER Science...will not believe...8 CORE will
give 8 times faster performance if compare to SINGLE core...
OCTA core(in smartphone) terminology has receive BAD RECEPTION and UNDERSTANDING from worldwide smartphone consumer.

WHAT SAMSUNG need to do is....just follow GOOGLE footstep..lower the selling price cost...for the be remain as still good in competition...
Else that....what i can see...2013 and 2014...WORLD start to declined this "Sam...BRAND"...

  • Anonymous

actually is great.

that mean u can send smaller processes to a7 and bigger to a15 lets hope they get it working.

If software update is available then only then I can say that Samsung unleast the beast within. Its like Dr. Banner turns into Hulk. And smoke everything in its path or maybe smoke the phone literally.

boss ....exynos does supports is less power hungry. plus manufacturing cost is low.. so only samsung has made it available in india.. its like grape juice turned to vine.. they thought cheaper but now became better..

The only phones that can ultilize and maximize the power of the true octa core are the Samsung flagships with their true pc-like multitasking capability. Have you guys watched the coldfustion video about how the Note 2 was pushed to the max, how he open multiple videos and apps on one screen and made the whole quadcore work like a monster? No other company has that multitasking power. And that is also why the Note 3 is the only phone with 3GB of RAM. The Note 3 is just in a class of its own.

  • True Facts

Nephylim, 12 Sep 2013Performance + Efficiency in Perfect Harmony 8 running at a time... means no efficiency. Only performance.

But its running Android OS.. That means no performance