6-inch Nokia 1520 phablet to be announced on September 26

12 September, 2013
As the latest rumor has it the Nokia 1520 phablet will feature a 20MP PureView camera.

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  • Anonymous

Jati Royat, 17 Sep 2013not every people agreed with your comment.. you prefer plastic m... moreFirst off if you had read the two comments you would understand I was specifically pointing out that preference of material was not the same to everyone. Not saying mine was the standard for everyone.
Also that that their preference does not equal quality. I was not in any way shape or form saying everyone had to favor plastic.
You as well as many otheres here have a bad problem with reading comprehension.
Second where was IP certification even mentioned? And now because I respond to trolling and you get all upset over the truth means I don't know what it means???? Where is the logic in that? And you say I speak like a child?
Third. You obviously don't know much about glass. You don't think an all glass phone breaks?? It's not shatter proof. That's a gimmick. It is shatter resistant. And that does not mean it won't break. It just means it won't shatter as bad when it breaks in theory. It's still an all glass body that could potentially suffer massive damage.

The point to the troll I replied to is that they like many people are using their own preference in material to say that Samsung using plastic is low build quality and cheap. Which is false and ridiculous. And weather people accept it or not the plastic they use and way they design it is overall way more durable, practical, ergonomic, and useful. Why do you think Nokia with their thicker "PLASTIC BUILD" was known for "indestructable"?

  • rari kidman

Jati Royat, 17 Sep 2013not every people agreed with your comment.. you prefer plastic m... moreNo one going to buy this phone...loss of resources and waste of human creativity..Nokia + Microsoft = Failure

Anonymous, 12 Sep 2013BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are so naive....You don't even realize tha... morenot every people agreed with your comment.. you prefer plastic material, so be it.. i prefer the phone with alumunium frame and durable glass material.. you've said phone will crack and shatter? you're wrong man, stop talking like a kid when you don't know anything.. My xperia has IP 57/58 certified (did you know? i guess you didn't know what it means), it is waterproof, dust resistant, shatterproof.. so stop banishing sony if you didn't ever use one..


awaiting one more failure...big question who will buy this tablet ???

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This is very nice

  • Selim

I like very much nokia windows phone.but it has no file manager.plz built file manager in all windows phone.

  • Sanku roy

Fabulous nokia exilent concept

  • Anonymous

I love windows phone for it's superb predictive text input. Its so easy to write mails and messages. Try it and you will be amazed to see how it accurately predicts the words you are going to write.

The Nokia Lumia1520 coming End of this year wihe lots of new features New and amazing Notification bar super fast quad core 2ghz processor 1080p reser sharp display. Fully 3D graphics for Gaming entertainment 20Mp pure view Camera. AND also GDR3 Updated phone. Many GDR3 features such as attractive Live tiles Live video tile vertical panorama and Lots more new Gameloft games are also coming for Wp8

I Love Nokia Brand Only

  • Anonymous

Nokia Rulz, 13 Sep 2013Can you please don't be stupid? TouchWiz is the worst UI skin fo... moreObviously to say OIS sucks is ridiculous.

However you know nothing. Touchwiz has never been the heaviest or worst. It is generally the most intuitive...But less eye candy. People always liked others for eye candy.

And....When someone roots and Roms they get rid of ANY manufacturer UI. HTC, LG, SOny, Moto, all included. Even Iphone with Jailbreak.....So what an utterly pointless and ridiculous comment.

  • manu

Fandroids now don't have a reason to whinge over windowsphone having poor specs.1520 is mother of all smartphone.unreachable grape will taste soure

WP phablet ?
nope Tq...

  • Ashraf

I'm waiting....Nokia RockS...

  • Anonymous

spade, 13 Sep 2013yah an overated phone with no major changes aside from the speed Oh really, no major change... Do u have a brain?

  • Blacklizted

The Monster, 13 Sep 2013The Note 3 is the new ruler of the phablet realm. This new Nokia... moreThis is my preferred size though because I have big hands. I don't need a stlyus, at least not in a phablet! Handwriting recognition? I can type "Samsung" in a second before you can even finish writing "Fanboy".

I love Nokia because the camera quality is really Good. None other cell even close to that quality.
not even Samsung, lg, Sony, iphone, blackberry, i have Lumia920, Lumia925, Lumia928,Lumia1020, Nokia pure View808, Samsung S3, Samsung S4, Samsung note 1, BlackberryZ10

Troll WarLord, 13 Sep 2013Sony the King !Back!! you are just another 6.4" lol feeded by sony..its a big flop and given thumbs down as said by techguru gadget show in India due to many uncomfortable features like 3.5 mm audio jack has been given on the right side could you imagine after inserting your handsfree how you will put your phone in your pocket..it should be on the top.. ..and please don't compare xperia ultra 8mp with upcoming 20 mp pureview monster from Nokia..

  • Anonymous

i will buy this phablet only if nokia can subsdise the price in nigeria

Thick bezel like their previous model...will b disappointed