LG G2 now available in the US on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon

12 September, 2013
LG G2 flagship is now available stateside, you can have it on AT&T and Verizon for $199.99.

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Kindly say where did you buy it from. NEED to buy asap.

  • Carlos

elche23, 14 Sep 2013no micro sd card negative point......Just needs a bit of file management. Or get the F320.

  • Carlos

julyjune, 12 Sep 2013When is it available in Asia? Everybody's eagerly waiting!In thailand black at the end of Seotember the white one after October 4th I think. Can reserve one for $30.

  • Chris

There are now custom roms too for the G2 F320 so thats a bonus http://optimusforums.com/threa...320-g2.9049/

  • Chris

The Korean F320 LG G2 has mircosd card support and replaceable battery. Only downside is you have to import it in..

  • Sonu

Arbitamara, 12 Sep 2013I'm from Indonesia and I've pre-ordered the brand new LG G2 for ... moreWhich site did you order from?

  • Anonymous

which one is contract free?
there 2 price tags

no micro sd card negative point......

  • Anonymous

T mobile is not selling the lg g2 until september 25

  • Anonymous

Actually there is not a contract renewal with T-Mobile, and the device has yet to be officially launched.

  • Tickleefresh

The AT&T Next program is only 20 months, also after 12 months you can trade in the phone to get credit towards the new phone. The last 8 months on the program you would not have to owe for anymore. No down payment, just taxes if it applies to your state.

  • Tickleefresh

Actually to get your info straight for AT&T, the Next program is either 20 months spread of the full price or trade it in after 12 months for a new phone next year. The remaining 8 months would not be owing anymore. The only thing you would pay for in store is tax.

  • Hg

Impressive phone by LG.

  • johani K H

May i know it is unlocked or not and how can i get it?

LG Optimus S G2 F320S LTE-A Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Unlocked Smartphone Phone in amazon 889$

waiting for Nexus 5. I hope that does not come with this damn buttons behind the appliance! And it has a great screen, camera, battery, and very resistant to drops and scratches!
And what will the Nexus 5.

  • orb

And why would I buy this vs an S4 active or an xperia ? or a lumia?

It will be available in SG on 21 Sep at SGD898,which is cheaper compared to the 6 month old S4 at SGD998.

  • Anonymous

LukyGoldstar crap, LG G2 stolen tech from Nokia N9

  • Anonymous

same price as iphone 5c(rap)

julyjune, 12 Sep 2013May i know where did you make the pre-ordering?http://www.mylgmobile.com/2013....UjIN5j8enpo