You can now pre-order the Apple iPhone 5c, starting at $99

12 September, 2013
The iPhone 5c is now on pre-order in the US, with China, UK, Germany, France and Japan expected to follow.

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  • Guri

Can anybody tell me that is iphone 5c really got cheap or not ??
please tell me the price.

  • niraj

pre book services available in india at prices of&$99

  • gjesisidi

i am holding iphone 5c right now and it doesn't feel a cheap phone ....i mean apple makes very beautiful and cool phons but this is much more funny ....i love it

  • 4s user

All iPhone fans who hated Samsung gs3 and gs4, what's up with last year's comments about Samsung's designs being "too plasticky".

Look who's using plastic now?! What's up with that?!

  • vinay

pre book services available in india at prices of&99

  • Carlos

appstore, 14 Sep 2013the reasons so many people hate iphone is that apple is cheating... moreYou can say many people hate iPhone.

You can also say many LOVE the iPhone.

iPhone 5c sold a million in 1 day. That hardly says "hate"

  • Carlos

Anonymous, 13 Sep 2013Now finally IOS7 fairytale icon scheme will meet its proper exte... moreYou're right and you're wrong

You're right in saying ios 7 met its proper exterior. I think this should have been the iPhone. Period. Just 1 iPhone polycarbonate.

You're wrong in saying this is an "entry level" phone.

It's a $550 phone. It's the iPhone 5 with a plastic body. iPhone 5 was their flagship last year and the 5s only just marginally improves on it, so the 5c is still very much a premium phone just wrapped in a plastic body.

Was never an issue with you guys when Samsung did it. Not sure why it's an issue when Apple does it.

At least apple builds it from 1 solid piece of plastic lines with steel. Gives the user a solid premium feel in the hand, unlike Samsung plastics which can feel very cheap.

  • zuha

Moonwalker Babe, 14 Sep 2013Apple products are very restrictive and overly priced for what t... moreAndroid is pretty good when you do Hands on..... But when it comes to th the real life use, it simply sucks
Those Quad-Cores are just illusion :-\

ISJ5, 14 Sep 2013did you know how to use forum?This is not a forum, this is a news blog.

  • Anonymous

I can either use it like yourself and be abusive to someone who voices an opinion which doesn't support you in your iphone worship, which can be found all over this site or I can use it in the manor in which it is intended for. And before you start attacking me for being a samsung fan you couldn't be further wrong.

  • Moonwalker Babe

Apple products are very restrictive and overly priced for what they are. After switching years ago from Apple to Samsung, I must say I will NEVER Apple again. Android is the way to go and having tried the Blackberry Z10 lately, I'm loving it as well.

People need to boycott Apple so that they know they can't keep fooling customers. They only care about their pocket, not about customers as they lack innovation.

I am a tech guru and I'm speaking from hands-on experience on phones and I'll proudly endorse any phone apart from the iPhones. They're not worth half of their prices.

Anonymous, 14 Sep 2013No one asked you either so there is no need to be nasty to Anonidid you know how to use forum?

  • Anonymous

ISJ5, 14 Sep 2013no one asking you!No one asked you either so there is no need to be nasty to Anoni

Anoni, 14 Sep 2013I'm an ifanno one asking you!

  • Anoni

I'm an ifan

  • Anonym

ISJ5, 14 Sep 2013I mean "its not bad at all". you guys if you hate appl... moreNewsflash: You don't need to hold a device on your hand to give some judgment about it's innovation.

For a company that trumps so much on innovation I am very sorry to say that this device has NONE so far.
And yes, overcharging for a plastic piece of crap isn't a novelty either!

  • Thomas

Maybe it is just me but that cover on the 5c reminds me of a string vest my grandfather or even great grandfather would have warn. All it needs now is a knotted hanky on the top and it is all set for the beach to sit in a deck chair.

  • appstore

ISJ5, 14 Sep 2013I mean "its not bad at all". you guys if you hate appl... morethe reasons so many people hate iphone is that apple is cheating them. they are taking advantage of good reputation of the company,only few changes over previous devices and high price,and limiting ios so much. people who have used ios are angry with apple for not allowing them to fully use and making ios so restricted. people are angry because apple are very greedy and dont give what people want.if no prison then ios is best mobile os.

Enlarged nokia asha 501

  • adrsd

many of you say that it has 64 bit processor,ios dont need new hardwares to run smooth, most of the features of android are useless......etc. but it is clearly seen that apple is making phone at low cost and selling them at very high cost. even this so called cheaper 5c is expensive. only thing that will made me and many others buy iphone now is if they remove that itunes prison dependency and give freedom to use it which has almost no chance of happening.