Live images of HTC One Mini in gold surface

20 September, 2013
It seems there is more where last week's 24-carat gold HTC one came from. Here's the mini in Gold.

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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2013wonder why there are sudden flock to gold phone after the introd... morethere have been many gold phone even before 5s

Army of Android, 20 Sep 2013No thanks, I prefer champagne gold color for a phone. This is ju... moreLOL, you have a point. Obviously, its going to be gold-plated or it would be ridiculously heavy but my first thought was how it looked just like a solid gold bar. very beautiful. I know there will be many people who will want it but its not for me either.

It looks like it was made of honey

  • Anil Kumar

i don't think so,

this gold plated version will increase the craze on Htc rather that it will decrease the brand name of the Htc in the Marker...........................

  • sam

Comrade, 20 Sep 2013This is the bottom of degradation and bad taste in the all consu... morewow.................. cool...........

  • harsh


Matte gold may have looked better!

  • Hereje

Cute. :3

  • Jellybean

The cover nice,you force,thank you.

  • rrx

most beautiful phone .

I really really hope that this is fake, it doesnt have any class.

  • Anonymous

wonder why there are sudden flock to gold phone after the introduction of iphone 5S

no,i don't think iphone are trend mover,but there are imitator,follower

  • IPH

not so impresive .. very expensive and u can get iphone gold more nice

wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww look this baby

  • Paximos


  • Comrade

This is the bottom of degradation and bad taste in the all consuming age...

  • Anonymous

Looks tacky

  • yeah

Tom-Helge, 20 Sep 2013But the funny thing here is that this HTC One Mini phone with th... morecould it be because this htc one mini is made out of real 24 carat gold by a 3rd party jeweler instead of a paint job like Apple's??

  • Anonymous

i actually think it look nice,very girlish and eligant,it so looks so unique compared to our every cellphone covers and looks

  • Jack

i love gold almost as much i i love htc one's

  • goron